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Wild tales abound of a tribe of fierce warrior women living deep within the New World continent of Lustria. Recently the jungle has erupted into rivers of blood and many explorers and traders have been slaughtered apparently by wild, screaming female warriors. These savages are also claimed to be fearsome head-hunters who attack without quarter all that disturb their peace or trespass on their territory. It is reputed by the few lucky survivors that these lost maidens are as fair as they are ruthless. It is also claimed that many foolish men are easily enticed by these she-devils and end up with their heads upon poles in some grisly and bizarre pagan ritual. All are advised to kill these fell creatures and to avoid any islands on the Amaxon River. There is a new peril in Lustria and goes by the name of the Amazons...

The jungles of Lustria hold many secrets. Explorers maintain dubious tales of ancient weapons of power and tribes of the deadly warrior women known as Amazons. Such stories, however mocked by the academics of the Old World, are not without truth. Deep within the Lustrian jungle, death comes in many forms. No surer way exists than to incur the wrath of the elusive tribeswomen that dwell within its darkest heart.

The Amazons prefer to strike from the cover of their densely overgrown homeland. They are extremely quick and able to hit hard in melee and in ranged combat, just to disappear and retreat to a safe position inside the jungle immediately afterwards and before the enemy can react.