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South of the Old World, beyond the Border Princes – and the Badlands, can be found the desert cities of Araby. An ancient realm of men, Araby is a strange and exotic country, ruled by powerful sultans and desert sheikhs.

Separated from the Undead-haunted ancient tombs of Nehekhara by a virtually impenetrable desert, the Arabyan cities are clustered along the coastline and so Arabyans are merchants and corsairs for the most part.

A centre for trade, strange spices and slavery it has much to offer merchants and travellers alike. However it can also be a dangerous place and is well known for its harsh criminal punishments that seem to focus mainly on the removal of offending body parts.

South of Tilea, past the stormy seas of the Black Gulf, lays the kingdom of Araby. Here the decadent Caliphs and Sultans rule cities made of white stone, and their realms are the vast deserts, oases that glitter like jewels, and mountains inhabited by fierce nomad warriors.

The Sultans are proud of their troops and especially of their cavalry so that no expense is spared either on their equipment or maintenance. The very best of the Arabyan soldiers are also well equipped, with steel armour, keen tulwars, gleaming helmets, and fine silk clothing. The ordinary foot soldiers are more plainly equipped and usually carry simple iron-hafted spears or bows. As well as these regular and garrison troops there are the irregular fighters from the desert tribes, including camel mounted warriors from the lands to the south and east.