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Deep within the dark and twisted forests dwell countless horrifying and deadly creatures – tainted beasts warped by Chaos. The Beastmen are a plague on the civilised races, preying on the weak and striking without warning in a rampage of killing and destruction before disappearing into the protective darkness of the wilderness. All manner of mutated and blood-hungry creatures join these raids – towering, nightmarish beasts whose whole existence centres on the rush of blood that comes during the slaughter.

Beastmen are unruly, coarse and foul. Their obscene and thuggish behaviour is about as degenerate and disgusting as it is possible to get. When the Beastmen go to war it is with truly evil intent. They seek to slaughter the civilised races like cattle, burn down and shatter their buildings, and stomp the remains into the ground with their cloven hooves until there is nothing left but devastation and ruin.

From out of the dark and twisted forests of the Old World come the Cloven Ones, uncounted hordes of braying creatures of horn, hoof, muscle and hate. The Beastmen are the true Children of Chaos. Grotesque hybrids of fierce animal and primitive human, these horned and stinking warrior-beasts infest the blighted forests that cover the Old World. Their savage tribes explode from the depths of the haunted woods to wage bitter war against the civilised races. So profound is the Beastmen's hatred of order and reason that they seek to drag the world kicking and screaming into a barbaric and primal age.

A fully arrayed Beastman army is a splendid spectacle. It is quite intimidating for any opponent to face across the tabletop, for not only is it numerous but it includes lots of terrifying monsters from the deep woods. Beastmen units can also attack from ambush, surrounding the enemy army and herding it towards the storm of jagged blades, sharpened horns and gouging tusks that forms the main Beastman battleline.