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Bretonnia is a land of honour and martial tradition. Its Knights, the epitome of chivalry, are brave and resolute, resplendent in their shining armour, prepared to mete out justice to evil-doers with lance and sword. They worship the Lady of the Lake, noble goddess of these fair lands who would grant her blessing to her beloved champions.

Bretonnia is a feudal, traditional land of Knights and Peasants. The Knights of Bretonnia live by a series of vows – these vows uphold the virtues of honour and chivalry. To lose honour is just about the worst thing imaginable to a Knight of Bretonnia, who would rather die with honour than live without it. Individual heroism is very important to the Bretonnian Knight, and tales of Paladins fighting Dragons and of Heroes facing off against countless foes are the kind of things the people of Bretonnia dream of.

In times of war, each of the noble lords of the realm summons his retinue of thousands of loyal knights – a truly majestic sight in their shining armour and proud heraldic liveries. The charge of the cavalry of Bretonnia is an avalanche of steel that drives everything before it with lance, hoof and blessed blade. As the Bretonnian army marches to war it is accompanied by hordes of lowborn peasants wielding spear, sword and bow. The Knights' prowess at arms is without question for few would dare the strength of their arm and the irresistible power of their charge.

The Bretonnians are a powerful army formed around a core of brave knights supported by scores of lowborn peasants. They are a warlike and valiant people who willingly seek out battle as a way of securing personal honour and pride. Any who invade their domain face the fury of their powerful knights; and few foes can match them on open ground. The knights range from the youngest Knights Errant, eager to prove their worth, through to the Knights of the Realm, defenders of the land. Rarer still are the Questing Knights, wandering warriors engaged in the quest for the Grail, and the legendary Grail Knights themselves, who have succeeded in their quest and sipped from their goddess' Grail, becoming imbued with fey power and longevity. Some knights ride to battle borne upon the backs of noble pegasus, flying high above the army to descend on their foes. When the knights of Bretonnia march to war, their men-at-arms march beside them, as do a levy of peasant bowmen drafted into service.

The aim of a Bretonnian army is to ride down the foe, using their knights to crush all who would dare stand before them. The peasants' role is to support the knights by peppering the foe with arrows and to crew the mighty trebuchets. Regiments of men-at-arms march into battle to protect the flanks of their knightly lords, and to lend their weight of numbers to the fight if the knights' charge does not rout the enemy. All the while, the Blessing of the Lady of the Lake protects the knights from harm, surrounding them with a protective, mystical shield that wards off blows and deflects arrows and cannon balls alike. A well-constructed and orchestrated Bretonnian offensive will often smash straight through the foe, allowing the knights to wheel back around for a second, devastating charge.