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Greatest of the empires of the east is Grand Cathay, a massive sprawling land encompassing tall mountains, verdant plains and thick forests. It is a mighty empire made of many provinces, each ruled by a powerful warlord, over all of which the Divine Emperor rules. It is also a land often at war, with the provincial warlords clashing across their borders as they vie for the Emperor's favour. For all its size and strength however, Cathay remains much of a mystery to the scholars of the Empire, even those that have travelled there only having a vague idea as to its extent and power.

Cathay, the Empire of the Celestial Dragon, is the greatest empire of the east, and indeed, the world. For thousands of years it has stood defiant in the face of Chaos from the north and Hobgoblins from the Dark Lands. The armies of Cathay are said to be innumerable, and draw exotic warriors from all across the realm, including fierce hill people, strange warrior monks and well-disciplined armies supported by heavily armoured warriors and ornate cannons. All this is presided over by the Emperor of Cathay, whose unfaltering leadership keeps Cathay the supreme state that it is.