Chaos Dwarfs
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Chaos Dwarfs are evil, self-centred creatures, caring nothing for the life of others and directing all their labours to the construction of their great city, the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund. Chaos Dwarf armies scour the Dark Lands and beyond for slaves to fill their city and labour beneath the earth in the pits that surround it. They have blended the ingenuity of Dwarf engineering with terrible Dark Magic, spawning twisted creations that are more creature than machine.

The Chaos Dwarfs are relatively few, deeply arrogant and utterly selfish. Their many projects require a great many labourers and Hashuts sacrificial fires are never quenched, so their need for slaves is constant and overwhelming. All of their interactions with other races are either raids for slaves, or payment for the same. The Chaos Dwarfs use Hobgoblins to fill out their ranks, a curious arrangement that was not originally their idea though they’ve adapted to it.

Chaos Armour, magic weapons, and terrible war machines funnel from the Dark Lands into the hands of the eager Chaos Warriors. Meanwhile, the forges of the Chaos Dwarfs shroud the land in thick, noxious smoke lit by the flames of the cauldrons – the ringing of the hammers muted only by the shrieks of fear and pain of those condemned to such a malign fate. The whole of the structure tremors with the never-ceasing labours, and echoes with the screams of slaves dropped into cauldrons filled with molten iron, offered as sacrifices to appease their hungry God.

On the eastern expanse of the Worlds Edge Mountains lies a bleak and barren land of darkness filled with marauding tribes of Orcs, Goblins and worse, known simply as the Dark Lands. Stretched throughout several leagues in a crest of magma is a horrific realm of cruel torture and wicked malice, the Plain of Zharr. It is here where the corrupted counterparts of the Dwarf Empire, known as Chaos Dwarfs, use their knowledge of science, engineering and wicked sorcery to serve their chaotic deity, Hashut, Father of Darkness, through unspeakable acts, heinous sacrificial rituals and callous evils.

The great city of Zharr-Naggrund rises up out of the desolate plains of the Dark Lands, shrouded in an eternal pall of smoke. The ringing of infernal industry fills the sky as the millions of wretched slaves of the Chaos Dwarfs toil in the daemonic forges. Great ziggurat temples to the bull-headed god Hashut spill noxious fumes across the plain, tainted with the stench of hellfire. Amongst the diabolical furnaces, the Chaos Dwarfs labour to make great machineries of destruction. Iron and flesh are bound together with daemonic spirits to create great cannons and engines. In the dark smithies Chaos Dwarf artisans labour forging weapons and armour. These are traded with the Ogres of the east and the northern marauders in exchange for even more unfortunates for the Slavemasters.