Cult of Ulric
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Ulric is the mighty god of battle, wolves and winter. He is acknowledged across the Old World but the centre of his worship is Middenheim, the city of the White Wolf, in the north of the Empire. Ulric is a pragmatic god and his church is less overtly pious than that of Sigmar, rarely inclined to holy crusades and dogmatic preaching. However, Ulric is the patron of soldiers, and every initiate of Ulric is a warrior. The Cult of Ulric's political power, combined with the martial nature of its members, means that Ar-Ulric, the High Priest, can wield tremendous military might should he require it. At such times as the state is unable or unwilling to deal with an enemy, Ar-Ulric is able to use his religious influence to call on his followers and his political power to procure state troops, drawing together powerful armies to destroy the foes of the Empire in the name of Ulric.

The men of Middenheim must be brave if they are to stand against the Chaos hordes from the north. Beyond the walls of the great fortress-city stout Soldiers of Middenland stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Free Companies drawn from the city's militia. Mortar and Cannon are wheeled into position to smash the siege engines of the enemy with iron and fire. Courageous knights heed the clarion call signalling them into battle, pennants fluttering in the wind. Called to the battlements, grim-faced Teutogen Guard prepare to repulse the warriors of Chaos with their mighty hammers. And from the highest tower the banner of Middenheim is caught by the breeze, a flicker of bright hope against the darkling sky.