Daemons of Chaos
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Most fell of the creatures of Chaos are the Daemons. Spawned from the nightmares of mortals and given form by the raw Chaos that pours from the north, Daemons are often only fleetingly attached to the world. Random possession, fleeting visions and temporary incarnations are enough to make them a plague upon the world.

Yet when the Realm of Chaos yawns wide and magic spills across the land in invisible waves, the threat of the Daemon becomes terrible. Legions of unnatural beings break through from their otherworldly realm, their dread voices rising up in praise of their masters, the arcane battle-cries and unholy screams and bellows turning men insane on simply hearing them.

From the Realm of Chaos they come to conquer and destroy, creatures of magic in service to the darkest of gods. Armies flee before them, because what mortal creature can hope to stand before immortals? Devastation lies behind them, for destruction is the gift they bring to warriors of all races, causes and creeds. They are the Daemons of Chaos, the servants of insane and blasphemous gods, and they will not rest until the world shares their madness.

Beyond the boundaries of space and time, the Chaos Gods watch the mortal world with ancient eyes. To the Dark Gods, the material world represents the grandest game of all, a world of unrelenting war and carnage where they can vie with one another for absolute power. Most feared of their servants are the Daemons of Chaos, warlike fragments of divine will loosed upon the world.

The Daemons of Chaos are the ultimate enemy of all mortal creatures. From their fortresses and palaces in the Realm of Chaos they watch with envious eyes, waiting with unblinking patience for their chance to wreak destruction and dismay upon the world. When that opportunity arises, they seize it greedily, spilling forth to rampage and slaughter in the name of the Chaos Gods.

A daemonic host is a terrifying and awesome sight, capable of delivering death in so many ways. Blood-slicked Daemons of Khorne chant brutal praises to their dark deity before leaping forth to claim skulls in his name, whilst Daemons of Tzeentch keep their distance, favouring bolts of blazing sorcery over physical confrontation. Pestilence is the favoured weapon of Nurgle's blight-ridden Daemons. As for Slaanesh's Daemons, they have no favoured method of slaughter – they care only that the deaths they cause are as lingering and painful as possible.

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