Dark Elves
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In the chill land of Naggaroth lies a realm steeped in malice. This is the home of the Dark Elves, the outcast children of Ulthuan. They watch the world with malevolent eyes, knowing it is their birth right to rule and the destiny of others to serve – if they are permitted to survive at all. Yet the Dark Elves know that they cannot claim their glorious inheritance whilst the hated High Elves endure. They are two halves of a race sundered long ago, separated by the greatest betrayal ever to occur in all the ages of the world. Even should every other land bow to their rule, the Naggarothi will not rest until they have brought ruin to Ulthuan, toppled its temples and driven the High Elves into the sea. On that day, the Witch King of Naggaroth will finally claim a throne long denied him, and the rule of the Dark Elves will spread to every corner of the world.

From the chill land of Naggaroth, the black-hearted Dark Elf legions come. Seeing the world as both prey and prize, they take what they want from whomsoever they please, leaving nothing but ravaged bodies and ruined cities in their wake. Betrayed long ago by their High Elf kin, theirs is an existence dedicated to revenge. Immerse yourself in the cruel delights of Naggaroth, bend your knee to the Witch King, and prepare to do battle for glory and plunder.

The Dark Elves are an intimidating army, filled with the promise of slaughter. Bleak-eyed warriors march to battle alongside cruel knights, merciless sorcerers and savage monsters of the chill wilds. Dark Elf soldiers stand amongst the elite of the Warhammer world, superior to most warriors, and overmatched by none. They are ruthless killers, masters of all the many ways of death. Whether you want to fight your battles with steel, poison, sorcery or sheer fighting ferocity, you will find the Dark Elf army a perfect weapon with which slaughter your foes.

The Dark Elves were cast from their homeland of Ulthuan following a bitter civil war. They are now merciless raiders, dedicating their lives to the infliction of pain and misery on others. The Druchii, as they call themselves, are united in their hatred of all other living things, ruled over by Malekith – the dread Witch King of Naggaroth.

Their army contains many highly-skilled warriors such as Black Ark Corsairs, Witch Elves of Khaine, Cold One Knights and fearsome Black Guard, as well as monstrous creatures including wild Manticores and many-headed War Hydras.