Dogs of War
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Unlike other Warhammer armies, the Dogs of War do not come from a particular place, nor do they comprise a particular race, although men do feature very strongly amongst their number. They are bands of warriors who live by fighting – fighting for pay, fighting for adventure and, most importantly of all, fighting for the chance to win fabulous wealth. Some are merely bandits, pirates and cut-throats of the most untrustworthy kind, but others are gallant Princes and buccaneers who lead bold warriors to adventure and conquest in faraway lands.

The Dogs of War are mercenary armies who live by fighting – fighting for heroic causes, fighting for adventure, but most importantly fighting for cash!

Wherever there is gold to be won you will find them. Whenever there is a fight in the offing they will be lurking around the next corner. These are dangerous men, all too willing to lend the weight of their blade to whoever will offer the heaviest purse.

The Dogs of War are warlords and bandits, sell-swords and freebooters, and brave adventurers who willingly risk all upon the battlefield for the chance to win measureless riches. They are possibly the most egalitarian force in the whole of the Warhammer world. These sell-sword armies are formed from a wide variety of races who have set aside their petty differences and banded together under one banner. Man fights alongside Dwarf and Elf and Ogre, all in the name of the purest cause of all: unadulterated greed!