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Forged in battle and tempered with blood and loss, the Dwarfs remain defiant and unbowed. They have grown as stubborn and unyielding as the mountains in which they dwell.

The history of the Dwarfs tells a story of unremitting war and of countless tragedies suffered. Yet they are not worn down by hardships, but say rather that each battle and tribulation has served to further steel the resolve of an indomitable race. This is the saga of those times, and a chronicle of the many grudges the Dwarfs now bear.

Know that one day, all those who owe these blood debts will pay in full.

Be assured of that.

From their fortress strongholds in and below the snow-capped mountains, the Dwarfs look out upon a world they once ruled. Many millennia of war and invasion have embittered the Dwarfs, forging them into a race of hardened warriors. Now they seek to reclaim what was once their own. They miss no opportunity to record a grudge and will go to any lengths to settle old scores with the edge of an axe.

A Dwarf army is a formidable sight, with ranks of bearded and heavily armoured warriors, their shields and banners identifying clans, guilds and gods. The doughty steel-clad infantry are supported by powerful engines of war, machinery of destruction that no foe can match. While Dwarfs are unwilling to cast magic, they have learned to inscribe runes that can bind eldritch forces, allowing them to create weapons and armour of legend. Full of grim determination, when Dwarfs join battle, there is no retreat, only victory or death