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Straddling The River Aver between Stirland and Averland is Mootland, or more commonly just the Moot, which is the land of the Halflings. Though its inhabitants are quite content with their lives of gluttony and constant procreation, and have little to do with the outside world if they can, Mootland is nominally part of the Empire and the elected Elder has a vote in Imperial Elections and a voice at the court of the Emperor.

Halflings breed quickly. Their over-extended families live in sprawling tunnel complexes and tottering multi-storey houses if they're too poor to afford a nice hole. Given that Halflings are natural hoarders, whole wings of Halfling-holes are used to store old piles of pointless knick-knacks and mementoes in sprawling unclean chambers. There is no concept in the Halfling mind for rubbish tip—even food scraps, such as they are, are fed to the dogs.

The Moot is blessed with beautiful scenery and fertile ground. This means that at first glance it is a land of roiling hills and fields, and pastoral peace prevails. The Moot is not immune to the outside world, however, and over the years its inhabitants have had to deal with the Undead threat of Sylvania and rampaging tribes of Orcs and Goblins from the World's Edge Mountains.

Halflings are a race of short humanoids dwelling primarily in The Moot. Halflings are known for their excellent produce and cooking, as well as their skills with the bow.

The Halflings of the Moot are a peaceful and pastoral people, but their bravery in defence of their homeland should not be doubted. Their armies are primarily made up of Halfling Militia fighting with whatever weapons they can come up with, but they also bring their dangerous farm yard animals, hot soup and angry wives with them, making them a small but dangerous foe to face!