High Elves
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The High Elves' existence is one of eternal battle, fought with a courage and skill that only they possess. But it is a war that, little by little, is being lost. The High Elves fade, whilst their enemies multiply, and each death is a loss the soldiers of Ulthuan can ill afford. Yet it is not in the High Elves' proud nature to pass peacefully from history. When the Phoenix King issues the call to war, his people gladly answer. Disciplined spearmen form up in silence, their brilliant banners of lion, horse and eagle fluttering in the wind. Haughty knights ride alongside, their steeds reacting instantly to unspoken command. Mages prepare intricate spells, archers gauge the gusting wind and, in the skies above, Dragons and Phoenixes wheel and soar, ready to fight to the last alongside their Elven allies. Let the servants of destruction beware.

From the ten kingdoms of Ulthuan, the High Elves march to war. They have stood guard over this world for millennia, defending it from the predations of Daemons, the worshippers of unholy gods and the unthinking meddling of lesser races.

The High Elves are the most skilled warriors in the known world. Every Elf in the force is blessed with dexterity and agility enough to strike a charging knight from his saddle before his lance can hit home. The mainstay of the High Elf army are the citizen warriors who form the Archer and Spear regiments, in turn these are bolstered by elite fighters such as the legendary Sword Masters and the proud Dragon Princes of Caledor.

There are few sights more glorious than an army of High Elves. Serried ranks of white-garbed soldiers take to the field alongside proud knights, mighty mages and ancient creatures of legend. The High Elves are an elite force who, warrior-for-warrior, can overmatch almost any other race in the Warhammer world. Over the long millennia of their existence, they have mastered every style of fighting – whether you seek phalanxes of spears, unstoppable cavalrymen, dead-eyed archers or peerless charioteers, you will find them here.