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Hobgoblins are one of the numerous Greenskin races that infest the Old World; however, distinct from their many "cousins" the Hobgoblins are estranged from their kin. They do not march to war with Goblins, nor join in the great Orc Waaaghs, though they've been known to do it a bit of opportunistic looting alongside their brethren if the circumstances are right. Rather, the Hobgoblins have their own kingdom on the Great Steppes east of the World's Edge Mountain range where the legendary Hobgobla Khan rules them, after a fashion.

The Hobgoblins are the scourge of the steppes; feared, hated and powerful. Their numberless hordes are most unwelcome in the Old World. The Hobgoblin Hegemony, the Empire of Hobgobla Khan, is the largest kingdom in the known world. The tribe of the Mournguls have conquered long been a threat to the lands of the east, for these Hobgoblins are a truly different breed than the lowly slaves of the Chaos Dwarfs. The Mournguls and their allies are warriors almost equal to Orcs, and the Great Horde, the army of the Hobgobla Khan, is by far the most numerous in the Warhammer World.

Hobgoblins are naturally greedy, selfish, individualistic creatures who are quick to stab each other in the back and expect no other treatment from others. They are underhanded, opportunistic and pathologically devious. Between the harshness of their homeland and the endless enemies Hobgoblins make, they must absolutely work together to a point if they hope to survive. It is with this mentality that Hobgoblins band together under the leadership of the most deadly and sinister amongst them, the Khans. The greatest of all the Khans is known as Hobgobla Khan. Although little is known about this mysterious sinister figure, it is known that when Hobgoblin raiders gather together and go on a rampage, it is always in his name.