Kingdoms of Ind
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Far to the southeast of the Warhammer World lies the nation of Ind, called the Land of a Thousand Gods. Exotic spices, jade and other treasures lure the adventurous to this sweltering realm, although few return. Some fall prey to bestial creatures on the route to Ind, others are captured and sacrificed by bloodthirsty cults. However, those travellers that does return report that the rulers of Ind are wealthy and generous, living in opulent palaces surrounded by slaves and servants, and are great patrons of the arts and Ind's many golden temples.

In the land of Ind, the Land of a Thousand Gods, the divine stalk the lands. All manner of deities, demi-gods and Devas meddle in the affair of mortals. The lands of Ind are rich and fertile, and ruled by aristocratic overlords from their gorgeous palaces. Yet the people are poor and superstitious, and revere a staggering array of gods and spirits, leaving offerings and saying prayers to them ceaselessly as they go about their day.

The armies of Ind are truly resplendent when they march to war. Thousands of soldiers marching under the banner of the Maharajahs are accompanied by the Devas themselves, as well as many of the mysterious beasts of the jungle.