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North from the rich lands of the Empire the forests give way to great wind-swept plains and dark birch glades. These are the lands of Kislev. For a thousand years this kingdom has endured despite the attacks of the savage Norse raiders and the ever-present threat of Chaos.

During the long winter nights the inhabitants gather around their log houses, remembering the glory of the Tzars of old and the Ice Queens from bygone ages. They sing the songs of war and dream of happier times. For their own age is filled with much strife.

Year after year the Northern border with the forbidding Troll Country becomes increasingly hard to defend against marauding Chaos warbands. In the dark forests of Kislev the Beastmen multiply and they become bolder in their raids against Kislevite farmsteads. Ores and Goblins from the Darklands pour into Zaborata and take heavy toll on the defenders of Kislev. But to the Kislevites, this matters not: the North is there home, and if they cannot live here, they will die here...

As the most northerly of the civilised nations of the Old World, Kislev stands forever on the brink of annihilation, for it borders the dreaded Chaos Wastes – the realm of the Dark Gods and home to the bloodthirsty tribes that worship them. They are known for their high perseverance and hold a loathing for Chaos that is stronger than most peoples of the Old World.

The most famed military units of Kislev are the Winged Lancer cavalry, formed from the sons of the old Gospodar nobility. Amongst them are the Gryphon Legion, an elite regiment consisting of the wealthiest knights, and often found fighting in the Empire. These are supported by archers and axemen on foot, and mounted horse archers from the nomad tribes.