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Since the days of their creation, the Lizardmen have been at the forefront of the battle for the world's survival. Their armies are anchored by savage warriors spawned for the sole purpose of war and augmented with titanic reptilian beasts whose tread shakes the earth. Their enigmatic leaders are powerful wizards and wield magics beyond the ken of mere mortals. While much has been lost over the long ages of warfare against the many foes of order, the Lizardmen still fight on – unleashing their cold-blooded savagery upon any who would stand in the way of their sacred mission. As carved upon the pyramid blocks, this is the tale of the Lizardmen and their defence of the world.

From their jungle-continent of Lustria, the Lizardmen look outwards and see a world gone awry. As the ultimate enemies of the Dark Gods and the true inheritors of the planet, the Lizardmen have determined their only recourse is to go to war to set things right. It is their sacred duty to fulfil the enigmatic plans of the Old Ones, and any who stand in their way can expect no mercy. Heed the drums and the reptilian roars of the jungle and join the gathering Lizardmen armies as they march forth for battle.

A Lizardmen host deployed for battle is a formidable sight, a striking battle force filled with colour and variety. A screen of nimble skirmishers that harass the enemy with blowpipe and javelin spreads out first, followed by rank after rank of merciless Saurus warriors, and their war leaders are battle-scarred veterans who will fight to the end. Saurus riding the slow-witted yet powerful Cold Ones form devastatingly powerful cavalry regiments. They are guided by the mightiest of mages, the Slann Mage-Priests, who unleash blasts of sorcerous energy the likes of which few other wizards can equal. Terrifying creatures such as the vicious, fire-breathing Salamanders, the towering Kroxigor and the gargantuan Stegadons fight alongside the Lizardmen. In the air above winged beasts screech, while out of the jungles stomp hulking reptilian monsters. They are pitiless killers, savage creatures of an elder age. Yet the Lizardmen do not war for plunder or territory, but instead fight for a higher cause – a world order laid out ages ago by their long-lost cosmic masters.