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The land of Norsca lies right on the edge of the Old World by the frozen fjords that adjoin the western shores of the Sea of Claws. Towering mountains of ice and bleak rock keep the menace of Chaos at bay, while deep harbours provide anchorage for the feared Dragon Ships of the Norse Raiders.

The Norse are hardy barbarians whose wild drinking and fighting are legendary in the civilised lands to the south. The Norse raid the shores of the Old World and waylay any ships they can find.

Although violent they are also honourable, but only to other Norse, and a Norse without honour is an outcast not worthy of living. This is part of why Norse despise other races so much and would never befriend them, as they are too false and dishonourable. Besides, if they befriended them, there would not be anyone left to fight and plunder...

The Norse are great warriors, and their Reavers are feared all over the world. Working themselves into a battle frenzy, an enraged Norseman is a terrifying opponent to face. The Norse Warhirds consists of all manner of terrifying warriors and monsters, from the lowly Bondsmen and Marauders that makes up the core of the armies, to the mighty Frost Giants and War Mammoths that makes the earth shake as they pass. Huscarls make up the elite, supported by immortal Einherjars, ferocious Ulfwerenar and frenzied Berserkers. Shield Maidens make stoic defenders, while the magical Valkyries swoop down upon their prey. When the armies of the Norse go to war, you better be prepared to run!