Ogre Kingdoms
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They first arrived from the east, stomping as they came. They spread across the world, heedless of borders, barging through even hostile territory as if they already owned it. Although they have established kingdoms in the Mountains of Mourn, they wander where they please, extorting what they want and taking by force all that isn't freely given. They war constantly, not out of malice, but for profit and sustenance – for such are the rights of the powerful and strong.

They are the Ogres, and to stand before their collected might is to confront a landslide.

Ogres are great hulking monstrosities with a real appetite for destruction. They are utterly ruthless and enjoy using their massive brawn to dominate others. The way Ogres figure it, their enemies have two choices – surrender their treasures, or get flattened and then surrender their treasures – and Ogres aren't bothered about which option their foes pick. Ogres combine a mercenary outlook and a bullying nature with an insatiable gluttony – a voracious hunger for food, wealth and power.

An Ogre army is a fearsome sight – a sweaty mass of colossal warriors backed up by primeval monsters and shaggy tusked beasts from an ice-ridden age that still prowl the world. On the battlefield, Ogres don't just defeat their enemies, they break them, grind them and then consume them in great gory chunks. Then they look for more...