Orcs & Goblins
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Great columns of smoke rise above the horizon as distant settlements burn. Refugees stream in the opposite direction, screaming 'They are coming!' And then you hear it - the coarse, howling battlecry that foretells of the arrival of the most brutal and prolific invaders in the world.

Amidst this backdrop of chaos and confusion, uncountable greenskins march to war, fighting for the very thrill of violence, looting and pillaging because they're bigger (or sometimes sneakier) than everyone else, utterly convinced that 'might makes right'. The Warhammer world quakes in fear of the resounding roar of the Waaagh!

Orcs and Goblins are overwhelmingly violent, yet possess real character and personality. Orcs are built for war and resolve even minor disagreements with full-blooded combat. Goblins, on the other hand, prefer to wait until opponents are badly outnumbered, wounded or looking the other way (and preferably all three). In battle, Goblins form huge mobs that are not easily ignored.

An Orcs & Goblins army is an unruly mix, formed out of a staggering variety of greenskins and monsters. From the elite, soldierly Black Orcs to towering Giants; from diminutive Snotlings to monstrous spiders the size of houses, the variety of tactics available to the Orcs & Goblins player is matched only by the sheer variety of troops at his disposal. Regardless of how it is formed, an Orcs & Goblins army is unpredictable on the battlefield. It is capable of smashing aside all opposition in a storm of violence.

Special Rules