Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Regiments of Renown
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Famous mercenary regiments acquire a certain notoriety because they are remarkably successful, brutal, adventurous, or for some other reason that brings them to the attention of the world. We call them Regiments of Renown and these units can often be found fighting for many different armies, as long as the pay is good! Individual Regiments of Renown are led by famous characters, and indeed are frequently named after these leaders. For example, the notorious Ogre Captain Golgfag, whose Ogre mercenaries have, at one time or another, looted and despoiled most civilised parts Old World... and some not so civilised ones too.

Regiments of Renown do not necessarily have ties to a particular country, nor are they a whole new race. They are bands of warriors and adventurers who live by fighting – for glory and more importantly for gold! The Regiments of Renown are made up of skilled pikemen, deadly marksmen, Hobgoblin cavalry from the eastern steppes, Halfling scouts, drunken Dwarf pirates, Ogres from the Badlands and Giants from the misty shores of Albion. Together they ply their trade to every point of the compass in the Old and New Worlds, fighting for anybody, any time, any place, anywhere…

Although the Regiments of Renown have no common heritage, many find employment in that most notorious of mercenary breeding grounds, the land of Tilea. Tilea is an anarchic land and is in an almost constant state of upheaval, as the wealthy merchant princes of the independent city states plot against each other. All this anarchy means mercenaries who travel there can be assured of profitable employment.

Just as there are regiments of mercenaries to hire, there are just as many lone freelancers. These individuals wander the Old World, selling their skills to the highest bidder. Many are thieves and brigands, and some are hard bitten mercenaries who will not (or cannot) join one of the many mercenary regiments. There are thrill-seeking Imperial nobles, fanatical Witch Hunters and even specialists such as siege engineers, wizards or assassins.