Warriors of Chaos
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Know ye now that the time of mortals has come to an end. In the north stirs a power unlike any other. The hand of Chaos has cast a vast, impenetrable shadow upon the world, and it cannot be banished or defeated. The puny princes and lords of the world will gather their pitiful armies – but it will avail them not. The Warriors of Chaos will fall upon them and crush them utterly.

The moment of dark glory fast approaches, and there is nothing you can do sane kneel before the Chaos Gods while there is still time. But be quick, for time itself drains away and the stars fade from the sky. The bitter spawn of night crawl from the darkness to possess the world, and with their final triumph, all life will descend into a seething mass of lost and screaming souls. Fools take refuge in faith or madness, for no other hiding place remains.

Mortals despair! The reign of Chaos has begun.

From the frozen reaches of the north come the Warriors of Chaos, an army of battle-hardened killers with hearts of iron and souls as black as coal. Hell-bent on slaughter and destruction, they fight for glory and the favour of their Dark Gods. Armed and armoured with hell-forged steel, these servants of the Ruinous Powers possess inhuman strength granted to them by their unholy patrons. Feared above all other foes, they are men of steel and fire, unrelenting in their dark and glorious quest to conquer the world in the name of their blasphemous gods. They are led to war by Champions of Chaos; unholy men who have willingly sold their humanity to the Ruinous Powers. These chosen warriors draw the gaze of the Chaos Gods as they slaughter in their name, and with great victories come mighty rewards, potent mutations and even immortality. Be warned, for though the path of Chaos can lead to a destiny greater than mortal minds can comprehend, it can also quickly result in insanity and death. After all, the capricious Gods of Chaos are nothing if not fickle, and the only certainty for those who swear allegiance to them is eventual damnation: Many are condemned to a gruesome end, twisting and deforming into a mindless Chaos Spawn.

When a Chaos incursion comes pouring out of the northern wastes, the world trembles. Champions of the Dark Gods lead their warriors against the realms of men. Barbaric Marauder tribes stride through the snows with the names of their terrible gods on their lips. Alongside them march regiments of armour-clad Chaos Warriors, flanked by baroque-armoured Knights and a host of foul, Chaos-tainted monsters. Mighty Sorcerers weave terrifying spells of destruction. In the wake of these brutal armies comes the Realm of Chaos itself; bleeding ever outward until it threatens to engulf the lands of the sane in anarchy and misrule. The servants of the Dark Gods of Chaos never tire in their dark quest to drown the world in a tide of blood, and with every victory, the end of the world comes a little closer.

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