Wood Elves
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From beneath the boughs of Athel Loren, the Wood Elves regard the world with distrustful eyes, neither meeting nor embracing anything that lies beyond their own borders.

Yet the Wood Elves know that the fate of Athel Loren is tied to that of other lands. Though they do not seek to act as the world’s protectors, nor enthrone themselves as its rulers, there are those times when the will of Orion and Ariel, the King and Queen in the Woods, must shape the fortunes of other lands. Never has this been truer than in these dark days, where every broken bough or withered leaf carries an omen of darker times to come. As the Wood Elves seek to survive this, the darkest season of Athel Loren, they are willing to put any other land to the sword.

In the depths of Athel Loren live the isolationist Wood Elves. They care little for the outside world, regarding it with suspicious eyes, and hearts ever willing to avenge transgressions. Woe betide he who brings harm to the forest, and thus courts the Wood Elves’ wrath.

Theirs is an existence shaped by the passage of the seasons, by ancient magic and by folklore. Learn the tales of Ariel and Orion, the Mage Queen and Hunter King, and prepare to defend this most wondrous of realms to your dying breath.

The Wood Elves are an army of hunters, masters of the arrow and the spear. Keen-eyed archers stride to war alongside antler-helmed knights, otherworldly enchantresses and cruel-hearted forest spirits. The Wood Elves are ranked amongst the finest warriors of the Warhammer world, and are seldom overmatched. Whether you seek to vanquish your foe from afar or eye-to-eye, with sorcery or spell-woven steel, with the valour of Elves or the eternal wrath of the forest itself, your Wood Elf army will speed you to victory.