Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

The Battle Standard Bearer
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Armies often include a Battle Standard Bearer – a trusted warrior who holds aloft the General's personal heraldry. A Battle Standard Bearer is a rallying point for the army, from which friendly soldiers can take heart and draw strength.

A Battle Standard Bearer is a heroic model carrying a particularly impressive banner, and it will be presented as an option in your Warhammer Armies book. The battle standard is carried by a character model and, unless specified otherwise, the model that carries the battle standard cannot be the General.

Unlike normal standards, the battle standard is lost if the bearer is slain – other models cannot pick it up, even if they are in the same unit.

If a Battle Standard Bearer is in a unit and Refuses a Challenge it is subsequently moved to the rear of its unit and loses the Hold Your Ground rule until the end of the turn. Note, however, that if the Battle Standard Bearer has a magic standard its effects continue to apply as normal (it cannot be 'switched on or off').

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