Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Calculate Combat Result
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Once all the models engaged in the combat have fought, this concludes what we call a 'combat round' or 'round of close combat'.

Now you must determine which side has won. Inflicting casualties plays a huge part in seizing victory, but other factors, such as the sheer mass of a unit, the momentum of a charge and fighting downhill, can also prove to be telling.

The winner of a combat is decided by the number of casualties, plus certain other bonuses. To calculate which side has won the combat, we first need to work out each side's combat result score. We determine combat result score by adding up the following bonuses:

Wounds Inflicted+1 each
Charging+1 for each unit that charged
Extra Ranks+1 for each rank behind the first; cumulative across each arc, up a maxium of +3
Outnumber+1 for higher cumulative unit strength
Standard+1 for each unit standard bearer
Battle Standard+1 for army battle standard bearer
Flank Attack+1 for each engaged enemy flank
Rear Attack+2
High Ground+1 if fighting from highest position or if charged from higher position that turn
Overkill+1 for each excess would caused in a challenge, up a maxium of +3

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