Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Roll To Wound (Close Combat)
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Roll a D6 for each attack that hit. Compare the Strength of the attacker and the Toughness of the defender to find the score required to wound.

Not all hits are going to harm your enemy – some bounce off tough hide, while others cause only superficial damage. As with shooting, once you have hit your foe, you must roll again to see whether or not each hit inflicts a wound. Pick up all the dice that scored hits and roll them again.

Consult the To Wound chart, cross-referencing the attacker's Strength with the defender's Toughness. Both values appear on the profiles of the creatures that are fighting. The chart indicates the minimum score required on a D6 to cause a wound. In most cases, you use the Strength on the attacker's profile regardless of what weapon they are using. However, some close combat weapons give the attacker a Strength bonus, as we'll discuss in the Weapons chapter.

Remember to roll dice separately for models with different Strength values. Sometimes modifiers apply to these rolls, but a natural dice score of 6 always succeeds and a natural dice score of 1 always fails.


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