Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Swift Reform
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A unit that is not fleeing and not engaged in combat can make a swift reform during the Remaining Moves sub-phase if it has a musician. A swift reform is treated exactly like a reform manoeuvre, however such is the speed and efficiency with which the reform was carried out that the following exceptions apply:

  • A unit performing a swift reform may not change their formation by decreasing or increasing their ranks. The unit may only turn on the spot by pivoting like a lone model.

  • A unit that has made a swift reform can immediately make a full normal move, even though a reform would normally prevent it from doing so. Note that a unit that carries out a swift reform cannot march.

  • A unit that has made a swift reform can still shoot, although it will count as moving, whether or not it moves further after the reform has been completed. This means that it will suffer the -1 modifier for moving and firing, and will not be able to shoot Move or Fire weapons.

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