Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Frequently Asked Questions
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This section contains a compiled list of frequently asked questions for the main rulebook, army books, and supplemental materials.

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When will Battlescribe be updated with the hotfixes/latest patches?

Approximately two weeks after they are officially released.

Why can't find the Battlescribe data anymore in the list of downloadable data?

Try again in a few hours, the data will be back.

Why is is magic item/rune X among the options of character/unit Y, even though Y can't equip the item according to the rules?

Where it is sensible, this has been handled. Yet there are still cases in which a character has items displayed that they can not equip according to the rules. This is mostly the case for the generic magic items and factions that can't equip the mundane version of the item. For example, Ogres have generic magic shields listed among their options but can't equip a shield. Another example, Wood Elves have magical plate armor listed but can't equip mundane plate armor. A final example is that Organ Guns have all runes listed but can't take some of them. This can't be changed efficiently. You just have to know your army and be aware of what you can equip and what you can't.

Is something wrong with the allowances in Battlescribe?

If you want Battlescribe to calculate your allowed percentage of allowances, you need to set a point limit. By default each list has a -1 point limit, which means you can do whatever you want. You have to set a point limit for your game for the allowances to be calculated.

Is something wrong with the allowances of my allied list in Battlescribe?

Do not put multiple forces into one roster. If you do, BS will calculate the allowances for the whole roster instead of calculating it for each army separately. If you want to make a list using the allied rules, make separate rosters for each army.

When is the next Battlescribe update?

Updates are not regularly scheduled. Maybe once a month, once a week, depends on how big the updates are and at the convenience of the data editors.


What is a normal move?

A normal move is to move a unit straight forward a number of inches up to their Movement characteristic. Moving sideways, backwards or wheeling are not considered normal movement.


Can a character take equipment or magic items that would give them an armour save better than 1+?

Yes, however the armour save will always be capped at 1+ and a roll of 1 is always a failure.

Special Rules

Do different types of Ward Saves (Regeneration, Parry, Dodge, etc.) stack?

Yes, any type Ward Saves a unit is normally allowed to take will stack, regardless of the source. The limit of 4+ still applies.

High Elves

Does Always Strikes Last caused by White Lion's Woodman's Axe special rule only apply when the unit affected is attacking the White Lions?

Yes. Only attacks that are directed against the unit with Woodman's Axe special rule that is causing Always Strikes Last will suffer from it.


Where can I find the appropriate base size for a given unit or model?

On the website, pinned to the #base-size-discussion channel in Discord, or directly in Google Drive.