Early Data Migration Updates
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Update - 2022-02-07

Added a pop-up/preview feature for the rules so the user doesn't always have to redirect to read a linked rule. Also added a "Chapters" feature for each section of the main rulebook to be read continuously. View here.

Update - 2022-01-26

I'm about two-thirds of the way through all of the main army books. I'm also including the Magic Items and Special Characters for each army as I work through them. Not sure how many more I'll get done before the new main rulebook updates come out, but when they do, I'll jump back to that before working on the army books. I'll circle back to those as well as they are updated.

Update - 2021-11-19

I've added page meta data to all of the main rulebook pages so they can be referenced in an actual PDF and/or hardcopy. Also, at this point Bretonnia, Dwarfs, and Lizardmen army rules are added to the site, but I'm not worrying about that page meta data at this time.

Update - 2021-11-02

After a short hiatus of site improvements and crosslinking, I'm getting back to adding army special rules, starting with Bretonnia (my first army). This is an ongoing endeavour. No big updates, but rather continuous additions.

Update - 2021-10-14

Decided to pivot away from including extensive lore and unit/army list rules for each army book. Planning to just include army-specific special rules, weapons/armour, magic items, magic lore and base unit stats.

The army books are perfect for getting the full experience and lore. And the Battlescribe files have all of the nuances, unpgrades and army composition rules for each army book. No point in reinventing the wheel. This site will focus on the Main Rulebook and as a quick reference for all rules.

Data Migration - 2021-10-14

Main Rulebook Complete

  • Main rulebook completely added!

  • On-going cross linking to continue

  • Army book rules to be added after a breather

Data Migration - 2021-10-11


  • Main rulebook added up through Scenarios

Data Migration - 2021-10-08


  • Main rulebook added up through Weapons and Armour section

  • Stubbed out other rules sections

Data Migration - 2021-10-01


  • Finish Special Rules (All generic, some Bretonnian ones added for testing)

  • Add Basic Rules

  • Add Characteristics

  • Add Fighting A Battle

  • Set up game phase categories to prep for data migration

  • Add Troop Types

  • General ongoing data migration...

Data Migration - 2021-09-24


  • Latest, About, Roadmap pages

  • Start Special Rules

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