Norsca v1.1 Beta Updates
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The latest Norsca beta is out. This site has been updated, here are (most) of the updated references:

Berserkergang is now Blood Rage

New equipment: Fur Cloak

New unit: Beastmaster

New unit: Slaver

New profile: Ulfjarl

New profile: Berserker

New profile: Hunter

New rule: Shield Parry

New profile/troop type: Valkyrie

New profile: Ulfwerenar

New unit: War Wolf

New unit: War Wolf Chariot

New unit: Ice Wolf

New unit: Skin Wolf

New unit: Werebeast

New profile: Snow Troll

New profile: Frost Giant

New unit: Cursed Ettin

New profile: Ice Drake

New profile: War Mammoth

New character abilities: Sagas

Updated magic items: Artefacts of the Gods

New profile: Erik Redaxe

New profile: Sturmjarl

New profile: Drenok Johansen

New profiles: Jora & Bjorn

Updated rule: The Ravens

New profile: Styrmir Rimefrost

New characters: Fenrir Wolfclaw, Floki 'Lostson', Bragi Sturluson, Sigrun the Proud, Njal Troelson

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