Pirates of Sartosa v1.1 Beta Updates
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The latest Pirates of Sartosa beta is out. The site has been updated. The related updates are below, in no particular order. Note, several are just page changes because of the addition of new Orc Freebooter unit:

Magic Item: Dead Man's Chest

Magic Item: Bloody Bill's Buckler

Unit: Sorcerer Lord (Pirates of Sartosa)

Unit: Pirate Sorcerer

Lore of MagicThe Lore of the Deep

Special RuleLizzy, the Salamander

Unit: Estella

Unit: Fleur

Special RuleAny man who falls behind is left behind

Special RuleStrange and Confused

Special RuleOne Bullet, One Shot

Unit: Aranessa Saltspite

Special RuleSpearfisher's Net

Special RuleBlessed of Manann

Magic Item: Kraken's Bane

WeaponRepeater Pistol (Jaego Roth)

Special RuleCaptain of the Heldenhammer

Special RuleWill of Steel

Special RulePirate Princess

Special RuleAnchor Smash

Unit: Sea Giant

Special RuleMassive Beak

Special RuleCannon Tower

Special RuleLoss of Heads (Turtigon)

Unit: Turtigon Battle Platform

WeaponTriple Barrel Cannon

WeaponIronfist Mortar


Unit: Flying Galley

Unit: Shipwreck Angel

Unit: Dark Maiden

Special RuleMaiden's Chant

Unit: Sea Serpent

Unit: Storm Rider

Unit: Sea Serpent Rider

Special RuleTail Whip

Unit: Stromfels' Chosen

Unit: Son of Stromfels

Special RuleBloodlust

Special RuleChain Shot

Special RuleHeat Shot

WeaponOriental Longsword (Pirates of Sartosa)

Unit: Norse Reaver

Unit: Norse Helmsman

Special RuleBlood Rage

Unit: Orc Freebooter

Unit: Orc Kaptin

Unit: Gun Nut

Unit: Powder Monkey

Special RuleSwashbucklers

Special RuleLook-out

Special RuleBooming Voice

WeaponBlunderbuss (Pirates of Sartosa)

Special RuleDirty Fighting

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