The Gleaming Torc
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Talisman40 points

Supposedly made by the four Norse Dwarfs Alfrigg, Berling, Dvalin, and Grerr, the Gleaming Torc is a beautiful golden necklace, given to a beautiful Shieldmaiden called Sylra in exchange for but a kiss from her. Said to reflect her beauty in every way, no man or god could withstand her charms when she wore it. The Gleaming Torc was later supposedly stolen by the trickster god Tchar, who used the necklace to start a war between two Kings by offering the victor to be the one to return it to Sylra. It is said the spirits of the two Kings are still fighting each other to this day, and the necklace has been in the hands of other heroes ever since.

A model equipped with the Gleaming Torc adds +1 to their leadership. In addition, all enemy models in base contact with the wearer must pass a Leadership test at the start of each close combat phase. If failed, they will be unable to attack and will be Hit automatically.