Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Ancestral Heirlooms
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The following are magic items available to Dwarf armies. These items may be taken in addition to runic items as a character's points allow, but no further runes can be added to any of the Ancestral Heirlooms. Note that Dwarf characters may not select magic items from the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Red Axe of Karak Eight Peaks(Magic Weapon)40 points

This axe was forged in Karak Eight Peaks by the mad Runesmith Orrey Singebeard. Struck with unique runes of vengeance and cooled in the poisoned wells of that ruined hold, the Red Axe shines with a crimson sheen. Skaven recognise the fabled axe blade – calling it the Red Death and squealing in their scurrying panic to flee. The Night Goblins also loathe the axe, typically losing control of their bowels in their haste to run away from its bearer.

Against all models from Warhammer: Orcs & Goblins and Skaven, this weapon allows its wielder to re-roll To Hit and To Wound rolls as well as cause Terror.

The Hammer of Karak Drazh(Magic Weapon)20 points

The Runelords of Karak Drazh wrought wonders the likes of which had never been seen before, or since, but even amongst their treasure hoards, there was one hammer that stood out as exceptional. It was struck with runes so that it could be swung with preternatural ease, yet it hit with a bludgeoning force – its blows sending shock waves emanating outwards in ripples of concussive force. The weapon was feared lost forever with the fall of Karak Drazh, yet thousands of years later, it has again been recovered.

Attacks with the Hammer of Karak Drazh are resolved at +3 Initiative, and any enemy models that suffer one or more unsaved Wounds from it are subject to the Always Strikes Last special rule until the end of the next Close Combat phase.

Magic Armour

A pair of massive Giants plundered the lands around Karak Hirn, displaying an all-too understandable thirst for Dwarf-made ale. They ate so many Miners that Karak Hirn's forges grew cold for want of materials to work with. Many attempted to slay the Giants, yet all foiled in their task. Desperate, King Olfost promised the Runelord Borek Beetlebrow the pick of his own treasures if the fabled smith would forge something to rid the land of Giants. Who knows what runes were struck upon that gromril suit or what alloys were smelted into its silversteel, yet the armour was proof against the Giants' blows. Borek was victorious, and to the horror of King Olfost, he chose the Kings lone daughter - Heldred the Uncommonly Smooth, as his reward, but that's another tale...

Enchanted Items

Golden Sceptre of Norgrim(Enchanted Item)40 points

The Golden Sceptre of Norgrim is believed to have been made for the first kings of Karak Azul and has been carried into battle by them many times over the centuries. The standard of craftsmanship is so high that master craftsmen have been known to break down in tears upon touching it. The crowning glory of the sceptre is a single diamond that catches the light and sends glittering beams in a shimmering arc around it bearer. The Golden Sceptre is a wondrous work of Dwarf craftmanship and a potent magic device and repository of great strength.

At the start of each of your turns, you may bestow either +1 Movement, Strength or Armour save onto the bearer and any unit he is with. Each bonus last until the start of your next turn.

Fiery Ring of Thori(Enchanted Item)35 points

The Fiery Ring of Thori is set with a dark ruby of great size and splendour. Within its heart flickers a mysterious flame, entrapped there in ages past by a masterful Runesmith. When its runes are activated, they glow with eldritch power, causing a sheet of flame to spring directly in front of its wearer, its blazing fury as red hot as the grudges of the Dwarf who forged the ring so many ages ago.

Silver Horn of Vengeance(Enchanted Item)30 points

After the War of Vengeance, Gotrek Starbreaker ordered the Dwarf Runesmiths to melt down the silver helms of the slain foe. Most of this went as wergild to the families of Dwarfs who fell, but a hunting horn, too, was fashioned from that silver – a gift, it is said, for the King of Karak Varn, who lost his brother in the Battle of Three Towers. When winded, the horn sounds a clear note that can be heard for miles. It brings vigour to troops on the same side, but for foes, it foreshadows certain doom. Those few Elves who have heard the Silver Horn of Vengeance and lived claim that they can still hear it echoing deep inside their own minds.

One use only. The Silver Horn of Vengeance can be used at the start of any friendly turn. Its wielder, and any friendly units within 6", has the Devastating Charge special rule until the start of their following turn. Additionally, once used, the blower of the Silver Horn of Vengeance, and any unit he joins, cause Fear in all models from Warhammer: High Elves, Dark Elves and Wood Elves for the rest of the game.

Magic Standards

Banner of Lost Holds(Magic Standard)60 points

After the Goblin Wars, and the fall of some of the most fabled Dwarfholds, the High King Kurgan Ironbeard ordered a special banner constructed. Its making was unusual – many Runelords whose holds had been destroyed worked together, even though the master craftsmen typically guard their secrets with jealous fervour. By combining their skills, they constructed the Banner of Lost Holds. Upon it can be seen the marks of Karak Drazh, the symbol of Karak Varn, the ancestral icons of Karak Ungor and a dozen of the lesser Dwarfholds lost through the ages. Kept in Karaz-a-Karak in the High Kings Hall, the Banner of Lost Holds is gifted to throngs in times of war so that the flames of vengeance might be rekindled once more into searing hot revenge. The Dwarfs will never forget and never forgive. To fight beneath this storied banner is to recall the fury of so many wrongs done to their race.

All models in a unit that carries the Banner of Lost Holds can re-roll failed To Wound rolls in close combat.

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