Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Artefacts of Albion
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used by the Albionites. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Gai Dearg, The Sun Spear(Magic Weapon)100 points

To Cuchulainn, the Goddess Danu gave the magical spear called Gai Dearg. The spear had an unquenchable thirst for the souls of the enemies of Danu. The spear need only be thrown and it will seek out its enemies, killing all in its path until its barbs prevents it from freeing itself from the corpse of its last victim. With Gai Dearg, Cuchulainn slew Balor, lord of the Fimir, on the Plain of Battles. It is now kept in the armoury of Gwenlaen's hall at Bol-a-Hat. It lies in a broad brimmed cauldron of silver filled with a brew of soporific herbs to sedate its thirst for blood. There it lies waiting until called upon again.

Spear. All attacks (including shooting) with this weapon Hit automatically and give the wielder +1 Strength. In addition, it can be thrown in each Shooting phase following the rules for javelins. Any Hits from Shooting penetrates ranks as if it were a Bolt Thrower.

Fragarach, The Answerer(Magic Weapon)75 points

Said to have been forged by the gods, Lugh the Sun God once wielded this as his weapon. It was said that no one could tell a lie with Fragarach at his or her throat, thus the name 'Answerer'. It was also said to place the wind at the user's command and could cut through any shield or wall, and had a piercing wound from which no man could recover.

White Hilt(Magic Weapon)30 points

The Sword of the High King, handed down through the generations since it was granted to him from Danu. A beautiful two handed sword made of an unknown metal reminiscent of silver, the cross piece is in the shape of a pair of crescent moons. When drawn by a worthy or well-born man, the entire blade would blaze with fire.

Great weapon. The wielder of this sword gains Flaming Attacks. Against models with Toughness 5 or more, he may re-roll failed rolls To Wound.

Magic Armour

Ochain, The Ear of Beauty(Magic Armour)50 points

Ochain, the Ear of Beauty, is a magnificent shield with its four ears of gold and its four bracings of red gold. It once belonged to King Conchobar. Conchobar challenged his rival, Fergus Mac Roig, in single combat, and bade him attempt to strike him. Fergus gave three stout blows on the shield, so that it rang aloud. Whenever Conchobar's shield rang out, the shields of all the Albionites did so as well. However great the strength and power with which Fergus smote Conchobar's shield, so great also was the might and valour wherewith Conchobar held the shield, so that the ear of the shield did not even touch the ear of Conchobar. Since that time, the shield has been passed around to many great heroes of Albion.

Shield. The wielder gains the Ward Save (4+) special rule from his Parry save. For every successful save the wielder makes in close combat, he may make an extra attack back immediately against the model/unit that struck the blow.


The Triskele(Talisman)50 points

The magical symbol of the Truthsayer's calling, this protective amulet also focuses positive energies onto Truthsayers, protecting them from harm.

Druid or Truthsayer only. The wearer of the Triskele gains the Ward Save (5+) and Magic Resistance (2) special rules. The Triskele is not a unique magic item, and one may be worn by each Druid or Truthsayer.

Arcane Items

Staff of Light(Arcane Item)40 points

The Staff of Light allows the Truthsayer to marshal protective magical energies, the better to thwart the spells of his foes.

The bearer gains +1 to all dispel attempts and +1 to all attempts to channel dispel dice.

Enchanted Items

Cauldron of Rebirth(Enchanted Item)75 points

The Cauldron of Rebirth, also known as the Cauldron of Plenty or The Cauldron of Dyrnwch the Giant, was a gift from the moon goddess to the people of Albion. This cauldron provides a never-ending supply of hearty broth. When the cauldron is dry it takes only a special incantation and then the cauldron will refill itself with the same nourishing sustenance. It can also resurrect anyone who has being dead for less than a day, but they will have no ability to speak.

At the start of the Albion Magic Phase, up to D3 Wounds worth of models previously slain during the battle may be resurrected and put back into the unit (following the rules of the spell Regrowth from the Lore of Life) as long as the bearer of this item remains in it. Any friendly character slain in this unit may also be resurrected once in this manner. However, a resurrected character does not bestow his Leadership onto the unit, nor can the unit benefit from his War Cry ability. Resurrected Wizards can no longer cast spells.

The Chariot of Morgan Mwynfawr(Enchanted Item)60 points

Usually found in the form of a one foot long golden model of a chariot drawn by two horses. The model is made by a master craftsman and has exquisite detail. When a command word is spoken the model transforms into a heavy chariot drawn by two white horses with golden eyes. A second command word turns it back into a model. The chariot belonging to Morgan Mwynfawr is a magical vehicle which can quickly reach whatever destination one might wish to go to.

Model on foot only. The character may transform this item into a Chariot at the start of any of his Movement phases, as long as he is not in Close Combat. This Chariot follows all the rules for normal chariots. While in it, the character can Fly (8), but may not join any units. If he is in a unit when transforming the Chariot, he must immediately leave it and be placed within 1" of his unit. The character can choose to transform the Chariot back into a magic item at the end of any turn as long as he is not in Close Combat, at which point the model will return to being Infantry. Any wounds lost in either form are carried over when transforming.

The Whetstone of Tudwal Tudglyd(Enchanted Item)50 points

This looks like an ordinary sized whetstone made of black stone. The stone has a crystalline texture and is provided with an iron ring at one end to hang it from a belt or pack. The whetstone magically enhances the sword of a brave man should he sharpen it with this whetstone, enabling the sword to draw the very life out of any man wounded by the weapon.

The bearer gains the Multiple Wounds (D6) special rule on all his Close Combat Attacks. This may not be used with Magic Weapons.

Magic Standards

Banner of the Sun King(Magic Standard)60 points

The armies of the Sun King march under a sky-blue banner decorated with the sun disc and the magic spear, Gai Dearg. This standard contains the very essence of fighting spirit of the warriors of Albion, inspiring them to ever greater deeds.

All models in the unit will always Wound enemies on at least a 3+ in close combat. Armour Saves are affected by the unit's normal Strength. In addition, the unit receives +D3 to its Combat Resolution bonus in any turn that they charge.