Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Artefacts of Death
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On these pages are magic items available to Vampire Counts armies. These can be taken in addition to any of the magic items listed in the Warhammer rule book.

Magic Weapons

Frostblade(Magic Weapon)65 points

This blade of blue ice-steel is bound with such deadly spells that its merest touch will suck the soul from its victim's body and freeze his heart.

If a model suffers one or more Wounds from the Frostblade (after saves) they are slain outright and lose all remaining Wounds.

Skabscrath(Magic Weapon)50 points

The legendary blade of the Undead mercenary, Ennio Mordini, Skabscrath flickers with pale flame. A blade so potent it cannot be sheathed without first taking a life, Skabscrath is possessed of an evil sentience that drives the wielder to ever darker acts. Some claim the blade is more steeped in evil than any Vampire, for it will betray its wielder if its bloodlust is not sated. When unsheathed, Skabscrath emits the terrible screams of all those it has slain, amplified to such a degree that it can cause those who hear them to die off right.

Magic Armour

Nightshroud(Magic Armour)40 points

Ensorcelled in pitch darkness in the heart of Castle Drachenfels, the Nightshroud owes more to the otherworld than to reality. Originally fashioned from the death-raiments of King Pharatohep, the Nightshroud has since been soaked in the blood of sorcerers and witches. The aura of gloom that clings to it is so strong it can physically manifest, lashing out with shadowy tendrils that grapple with all those who would strike the wearer.

The Nightshroud gives the wearer a 6+ armour save. Furthermore, enemy models in base contact with the wearer lose all Strength bonuses conferred from normal and magical weapons, and are subject to the Always Strikes Last special rule. Wizards can wear the Nightshroud with no penalty to cast spells.

Arcane Items

Staff of Damnation(Arcane Item)45 points

This gnarled stave has been carved from the blackened heartwood of the Hangman's Tree. Decorated with the bones of murderers and soaked in the blood of the traitorous Necromancer Ulbrecht Thrice-Cursed, the Staff of Damnation contains a powerful spell that fills nearby Undead with a frantic vitality.

Bound Spell (Power Level 5). If cast successfully, this item casts an augment spell. All friendly Undead units (and their mounts) within 6" of the bearer gain +1 Attack until the start of the bearer's next Magic phase.

Black Periapt(Arcane Item)40 points

Any tomb robber would sell his own grandmother for a gem the size of the Black Periapt, but the true power of this strangely glowing artefact is only realized in the hands of a spellcaster.

The Black Periapt allows the bearer to save up to two of his army's unused power dice or dispel dice at the end of any Magic phase, and then add them to his side's power or dispel dice pool at the start of the next Magic phase.

The Cursed Book(Arcane Item)35 points

This tome was written by the mad Necromancer Har.ak-Iman, said to be the most depraved man to have ever lived. His vileness radiates from The Cursed Book, draining life and energy from all living beings. Each page contains a powerful curse that can cripple and demoralise those nearby, though once read, they fade from sight until the light of Morrslieb is cast upon them.

At the beginning of the bearer's Magic phase, the bearer may choose to sacrifice D3 power dice from the pool. If they do so, roll a D6 on the following chart. Assuming there is a viable target for the indicated spell, that spell is automatically cast at its minimum casting value, requiring no power dice. A dispel attempt can be made as normal. If you don't have the requisite number of dice to sacrifice, then you lose what dice you have and the book has no effect this turn.

Book of Arkhan(Arcane Item)30 points

This terrible book is said to have belonged to the infamous Arkhan the Black, greatest of Nagash's disciples. During the longs years of his tutelage, Arkhan kept extensive notes on his reviled experiments within the pages of this tome, and it is said that he still searches for it to this day. When its words are intoned, nearby Undead move with a vigour that defies belief.

Enchanted Items

Rod of Flaming Death(Enchanted Item)35 points

The eye sockets of the skull atop this ages-old rod glow bright with magical fire, and its jaws clatter and gnash constantly. It contains a spell of fiery destruction that takes the shape of a shrieking skull. When the skull detonates upon its targets, thick tendrils of green-black flame swirl around them, turning everything they touch to ash.

Bound Spell (Power Level 4). If cast successfully, this item casts a magic missile with a range of 18 " that inflicts D6 Strength 4 hits with the Flaming Attacks special rule. In addition, if the target unit moves in the Movement phase, flees or pursues during its next turn, every model in the unit suffers an immediate Strength 4 hit with the Flaming Attacks special rule, after which the spell's effects end. If the unit does not move the spell ends at the start of the caster's next Magic phase. Any unit taking one or more unsaved Wounds from this spell must immediately take a Panic test.

Magic Standards

Banner of the Barrows(Magic Standard)40 points

Woven from the wind and the cold, the chill of this banner touches the hearts of those who stand before it, sapping their will and ability to fight. Worse still, the banner exude a palpable aura of dread that manifests as screaming death heads, filling the living with unnameable fear. Many of the ancient warriors that go to war beneath the Banner of the Barrows fought under it when they were still creatures of flesh and blood, though they are now forever bound to its shimmering presence.

All Grave Guard, Black Knights and Wight Kings (including Krell) in the same unit as the Banner of the Barrows receive +1 To Hit in close combat. Note that the bonus is not conferred to any mounts they may have.

The Screaming Banner(Magic Standard)25 points

Even the bravest warriors tremble at the thought of fighting against a unit carrying this terrifying banner. The squalling wails emanating from the folds of this tattered standard recall the horrors of war and the laments of the wounded and dying. All who hear it swear later that their fallen comrades cried out to them, screaming in pain and begging for their soul's release from torment.

Enemy units on base contact with the unit carrying this banner must pass a Leadership test at the start of each close combat phase. If failed, they require 6's To Hit for the duration of the phase.

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