Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Artefacts of the Creed
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The Hashishin have access to many exotic weapons, poisons, abilities and unique artefacts. The Artefacts of the Creed may be taken by certain models as indicated in the army list. Unless otherwise stated, these are not magic items. A model may not have multiples of the same upgrade, but an upgrade can be taken by more than one model in the army.

Magic Weapons

The Dagger of the Grand Master(Magic Weapon)20 points

This dagger was used by the notorious Hashishin overlord known only as the ‘Grand Master’. It is claimed that he found it in a Khemrian tomb and legend has it that the dagger’s blade cannot be damaged in any way. It was last seen at the assassination of Sheik Jinjamon, in the grand court of Lashiek, but his murderer managed to escape.

Additional hand weapon. Nominate one enemy character at the start of the battle. The wielder of the Dagger will wound that model on a 2+. In addition, that model must re-roll successful Armour Saves.


Orb of Illusion(Talisman)40 points

The assassin creates an illusion of himself, confusing his opponent.

Talisman. The enemy must allocate their attacks between the assassin and his illusion in close combat. Roll a dice for each hit. 1-3 the attack hits the illusion and has no effect, 4-6 the attack is resolved as normal.

Enchanted Items

Cloak of Shadows(Enchanted Item)20 points

This cloak blurs the image of the assassin, making it hard to focus on him.

Enchanted Item. The wearer is at an additional -2 to hit for enemies with missile weapons. This only applies if the Assassin is on his own.


Venom of the Desert Snake (Ability)30 points

Extracted from the deadliest snake in all of Araby, this poison will quickly kill off all but the toughest of warriors.

All To Hit rolls of 6 automatically Wound (Armour Saves as taken as normal). Any model wounded must pass a Toughness test or suffer an additional wound.

Code of the Creed(Ability)20 points

The assassin recites his holy faith, a challenge no one may deny.

The Assassin can re-roll failed To Hit rolls in challenges. In addition, the enemy cannot refuse a challenge made by an Assassin.

Hidden Blade(Ability)20 points

A sharp blade hidden in the assassin’s bracer, ideal for cutting the enemies’ throats.

Nethertoxin(Ability)20 points

This dangerous poison makes the assassin’s enemies writhe in pain, severely damaging their nerves.

The assassin has the Poisoned Attacks special rule. In addition, he always Wounds on a 3+ or better.

Shadowstrike(Ability)20 points

The assassin performs a deadly blow against his opponent, severely maiming him.

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