Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Artefacts of the Gods
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used by the Norse. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

The Crusher(Magic Weapon)60 points

This mighty hammer was forged by two brother master smiths, Brokkr and Eitri, and is said to be complete indestructible. It was named The Crusher after its pulverizing effect, is one of the most potent weapons among the Norse, capable of killing the most powerful foe with a single blow. Rumoured to be capable of even levelling mountains, each strike of the hammer ring like thunder and send out bolts of lightning. The hammer was once stolen by the Jotun Trym, but, was later slain by a Norse hero named Tyr who took the hammer as its own after defeating the Frost Giant. Since then, it has been passed down from tribe to tribe among the mightiest of Norse heroes.

The Swaying Spear(Magic Weapon)55 points

The Swaying Spear was crafted from the sacred ash of the so-called World Tree by the master smith Valder in ages past. Its entire shaft covered in magical runes, this magical spear is said to always hit its mark and always kill. Once thrown, it always swiftly returns to the hand of its wielder, covered in the blood of its target. The records of the Skalds tell that the Swaying Spear killed the Dragon Nidhogg in a single strike long ago. It is the bane of Dragons and other large beasts.

Spear/javelin. All close combat and missile attack made with the Swaying Spear Hit always Hit on a 2+ and have the Heroic Killing Blow special rule.

Tyrfang(Magic Weapon)40 points

Svafrlami, a mighty King, demanded a Norse Dwarf smith by the name of Dain to forge him a golden-hilted sword that would never miss a stroke, never rust, and could cut through even stone and iron. The Dwarf grudgingly forged this spiteful blade, and it shone and gleamed like fire. However, in revenge he cursed it so that it would kill a man every time it was drawn and that it would be the cause of three great evils. They finally cursed it so that it would also kill Svafrlami himself. When Svafrlami heard the curses he tried to slay Dvalin, but the Dwarf disappeared into his mountain Hold and the sword was driven deep into it, though missing its victim. A strike from this cursed sword would never fail to kill or cause a serious wound that never healed. This sword, which would cut through any armour, assured the wielder victory in his goals, but also cursed the owner to betrayal and downfall whenever it was used. Svafrlami was finally killed in battle against the Ungols of Kislev at the River Lynsk, the bodies of the numerous warriors choking the rivers, causing a flood which filled the valleys with dead men and horses, said to have been pierced by his own sword.

Tyrfang gives it wielder +1 To Hit in close combat, and the Ignores Armour Saves and Flaming Attacks special rules. If the wielder does not kill at least one opponent in each round of close combat he is in, they suffer 1 Wound which Ignores Armour saves and Regeneration saves as the sword strikes its wielder instead.

Magic Armour

Armour of Beowulf(Magic Armour)50 points

This is the armour worn by the Norse king Beowulf before he set out into the Chaos Wastes, leaving it to his son. The Armour of Beowulf is a dark crafted chainmail coat with built-in arm and shoulder guards forged upon a fire of dragon bones by Hagmar Wyrmschlager. It is said to mirror the hardness of dragon’s scales. The armour flickers with blue flames. The flames seem to burn more intensely as its user is wounded in battle, closing any wounds, or bleeds in matter of seconds. One sage tells that after a terrible battle with another tribe, Beowulf was pierced by a huge spear thrown by the enemy King. Despite his injury, he came stumbling through the battlefield, cut down the enemy general who had wounded him, and was completely healed of his wound within a few hours. As he fought on in later years, he was always known as being monstrously difficult to harm due to the armour that he wore.

Shield of Svalinn(Magic Armour)30 points

This is a beautifully crafted artefact marked with two crossed hammers as the shield’s emblem. Svalin allegedly once protected Sol in his chariot from the sun, thus giving it the calling name: the "Sun Shield". It is said the very rays of the sun became absorbed by the shield, making whoever wields it able to unleash its light, blinding his foes.

Shield. For each successful Armour Save or Ward Save the bearer makes, all models in the unit attacking him suffer -1 to their Weapon Skill and Attacks to the end of the next turn.


The Gleaming Torc(Talisman)40 points

Supposedly made by the four Norse Dwarfs Alfrigg, Berling, Dvalin, and Grerr, the Gleaming Torc is a beautiful golden necklace, given to a beautiful Shieldmaiden called Sylra in exchange for but a kiss from her. Said to reflect her beauty in every way, no man or god could withstand her charms when she wore it. The Gleaming Torc was later supposedly stolen by the trickster god Tchar, who used the necklace to start a war between two Kings by offering the victor to be the one to return it to Sylra. It is said the spirits of the two Kings are still fighting each other to this day, and the necklace has been in the hands of other heroes ever since.

A model equipped with the Gleaming Torc adds +1 to their leadership. In addition, all enemy models in base contact with the wearer must pass a Leadership test at the start of each close combat phase. If failed, they will be unable to attack and will be Hit automatically.

Arcane Items

Bone of Ullr(Arcane Item)15 points

Crafted by the master wizard Ullr Bonewise from the rib of a linnorm, this bone is used to carve spells on, allowing the user to tap into power that would otherwise be unknown to him.

At the start of each of your Magic phases, choose any of the eight Lores of Battle Magic and roll a D6; the result is the spell they receive and may use for the remainder of this Magic phase, even if this spell would normally be unavailable to them.

Enchanted Items

Girdle of Might(Enchanted Item)55 points

Forged long ago by the mighty Jotun of the Norsca mountains, this girdle makes its wearer twice as strong as he would normally be without it. It has been worn by many great Norse heroes over the years and makes swinging the mightiest axe as easy as a wooden stick.

The Girdle of Might doubles the Strength characteristic of anyone wearing it.

The Hollering Horn(Enchanted Item)50 points

The Hollering Horn is a huge, golden horn that, on the last day and beginning of the End Times, would be blown to call everyone to the battle and to begin the end of days. According to legends, the horn can be heard all over the known world and beyond. The Hollering Horn excites the Norse warriors and causes panic in other races – when the Horn is sounded, the Norse warriors burst upon the enemy laying into them with the ferocity of vicious wolves.

One use only. The Horn can be used at the start of any of your turns. When the Horn is sounded, all Norse units within 12" will move towards the nearest foe using the Random Movement (D6) rule. In addition, all enemy units within 12" must take an immediate Panic test.

Magic Standards

Raven Banner(Magic Standard)60 points

The battle standard of the High King of Norsca is always that of a black raven. Every High King has carried this iconic banner since the first High King. The men of Norsca believe the gods watch them through the eyes of the raven, and in hopes of gaining gifts and rewards; they display an even more murdering fighting-lust on the battlefield. The sight of it makes the Norse even braver than normal, as well as inspiring fear into the hearts of their weak foes.

The unit carrying the Raven Banner causes Fear and all friendly units within 12" of it gain Immunity (Fear, Panic).

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