Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Blessed Spawnings
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The servants of the Slann Mage-Priests are hatched in spawning pools, where they develop from tiny, carnivorous tadpole-like creatures into the bipedal beings they are when they pull themselves free of the water. Skinks and Kroxigors are spawned in pools on the outskirts of the temple-cities, while Saurus are batched in the dank, subterranean tunnels beneath the temples themselves, as befitting their role as sacred warriors. On occasions, entire spawn broods are batched under the influence of one or more of the gods, displaying certain characteristics and natural abilities different from the other spawnings. Those batched in such a manner are revered as particularly sacred warriors chosen to be the representatives of the gods in the world.

Throughout the centuries, various sacred spawnings have waxed and waned, some disappearing altogether for thousands of years before reappearing. In times long past, Saurus were frequently spawned under the influence of two or even three gods, though very few of these ancient warriors remain in the world. Many see this as being predetermined many thousands of years ago by the Old Ones, for it is said that they studied the paths of the many futures and determined when particular spawnings were needed. That so many spawnings have reappeared in recent decades seems to indicate that a new time of warfare and aggression is upon the Lizardmen.

Characters and units that are able to take Blessed Spawnings are detailed in the army list. The cost below only applies to characters. Lords may take up to 3 Blessed Spawnings. Heroes, Core and Special units may take up to 2 Sacred Spawnings. Core units that take more than one Blessed Spawning counts as Special units, and Special units count as Rare units.

A unit that has one or more Blessed Spawnings may only be joined by characters (excepting Slann Mage Priests) that have the same Blessed Spawnings. Characters with one or more Blessed Spawnings may join any other units as normal.

This most auspicious and rare of blessings is easily recognisable, for those who bear it will usually have white or even albino skin tones. They are treated with much reverence, for their fate is seen as important in the eyes of the Old Ones.

One per army, Characters only (not including Special Characters). The character may re-roll a total of 3 dice to either To Hit, To Wound, Armour saves or Ward saves during the game. This Blessed Spawning does not prevent the character from joining any other Blessed Spawning.

Blessed Spawning of Chotec(Ability)10 points

The beat of the sun burns within the bodies of those blessed by the solar god Chotec, filling them with energy at times when other cold blooded-creatures become sluggish. A fiery red-orange is Chotec's associated colour, and his followers bear arms and armour of gleaming gold and carry icons that reflect the light of the sun to dazzling effect.

Models with this Blessed Spawning re-roll failed Charge and Pursuit distances.

Blessed Spawning of Sotek(Ability)10 points

The favoured spawnings of Sotek, the serpent great-god, are infused with the vengeful deity's blood-fuelled anger, and will attack their foes with great fury. Blood red is the colour associated with Sotek, and the physical representation of his blessing can vary from red skin and scales, to subtle hues of red on the crests or even just red warpaint.

Blessed Spawning of Tepok(Ability)10 points

The blessing of inscrutable Tepok, the mysterious feathered-serpent god of the air and sacred places, manifests itself in the form of protection from harmful magic, and is often signified by the colour purple or deep blue.

Naturally stealthy, those blessed by Huanchi, jaguar-god of the earth and night, exhibit prodigious skills of hunting and stalking, and are able to pass effortlessly through the thickest jungle undergrowth with little effort.

Blessed Spawning of Itzl(Ability)5 points

As well as naturally exuding a subtle musk that Cold Ones recognise and are comfortable with, those blessed by Itzl often have elaborate bony, head-crests.

The servants of Quetzl are tough and warlike, as befits the chosen of the Warrior God. Those spawnings that are blessed by the divine protector and warrior-god Quetzl have especially thick, toughened scales covering their bodies, and bony spurs often protrude from their forearms.

Models with this Blessed Spawning can never have their armour save reduced to less than 6+.

A tinge of yellow is often noticeable on those spawned under Tlazcotl's cold eye. These Saurus reflect the impassiveness of Tlazcotl, and remain unaffected by even the most harrowing experiences.

Strongly associated with water, those blessed by the Sacred Spawning of Tzunki sometimes have mottled sea-green skin hues, their claws are often webbed and they have powerful gills hidden in folds of skin on their necks.

Models on foot only. Models with this Blessed Spawning have the Aquatic special rule and +2 Initiative.

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