Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Clan Mon
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Mon is a term used for Nipponese family crests. They are either associated with a particular family, or an individual who had achieved some variety of public recognition. Your army may be associated with one of the Greater Clans below. Buying a Clan Mon will allow your army to use special abilities on the battlefield that reflects their famous Clan. Certain units (but not Tengu, Ronin or Wako) in your army may have a Clan Mon, as detailed below. You are not required to take Clan Mon on all units that can do so. You may not have multiple different Clan Mons in the same army.

Mon of the Chotosa Clan(Ability)Characters: 5 points, Units: 1 point per model

Our archers are admired by all. No arrow flies truer than the Chotosa shaft. They will cover the sky, our enemies will fear death from afar, and with it we shall be victorious!

Models with longbows only. Models with this Mon may re-roll 1's when rolling to Hit with longbows.

Mon of the Dawate Clan(Ability)Characters: 15 points, Units: 1 point per model

We do not walk the same path as other clans. We are revered and strong, independent, and brave in battle. Our warriors are feared, our skills with the no-dachi unrivalled. In battle, we terrify the foe!

Infantry with great weapons only. Models with this Mon does not suffer any penalties to their Initiative if armed with great weapons.

Mon of the Hattiga Clan(Ability)Characters: 20 points, Units: 1 point per model

All clans fight, but not all clans fight by the same rules. We embrace the darkness. We embrace the shadows. The Hattiga are silent. Deadly. We will strike unseen, sowing dissention and falling upon our foe before they can even blink.

Each Shinobi adds +1 to deciding which table side to deploy on and whether or not to deploy Scouts first or second. In addition, units of Ninja, Kabuki Dolls and Shinobi gain +1 Attack in the first round of combat.

Mon of the Hojizu Clan(Ability)War Machines: 15 points

Our castles are strong, the envy of Nippon. We are rightly admired as master builders. Strong walls, strong souls. Our siege engines are equally mighty, nothing stands before them! The enemy's walls shall crumble before their eyes!

War Machines only. War Machines with this Clan Mon may re-roll one failed To Hit roll or one Artillery Dice once per battle.

Mon of the Odari Clan(Ability)Units: 1 point per model

Others may covet titles, but Ashigaru, common spearmen, are the bedrock of Odari might. All know us, the commanders of a thousand spears. It is an honour to lead such men. Our generals are battle-scarred veteran of righteous strength! Do not look down upon your common man; but embrace him, and together our foes stand no chance!

Ashigaru only. Models with this Mon gain +1 to their Leadership.

Mon of the Shisuma Clan(Ability)Characters: 10 points, Units: 1 point per model

We trace a line back to the first Shogun. Loyalty runs deep in among the Shisuma. It is in our blood, our traditions, and in battle our swordsmen are the envy of Nippon. No blade is swifter or more feared than ours!

Mon of the Takai Clan(Ability)Characters: 10 points, Units: 1 point per model

To be Takai, is to be born in the saddle. We are master horsemen; our cavalry astounds all. Let other march, we ride. We fly, like storms in the mountains. We thunder in battle! We will ride down our foes and bring us glorious victory!

Cavalry only. Models with this Mon may re-roll one dice when determining their charge distance, and re-roll 1's when rolling To Wound on the charge.

Mon of the Uesigo Clan(Ability)Characters: 20 points, Units: 1 point per model

We are indomitable in our faith, for without it we are nothing. Faith is our strength, our wellspring. Let others be corrupted, we have the guidance of Heaven. Our monks pray, but they also fight - and fight well!

Warrior Monks with this Clan Mon gain the Stubborn special rule. If they are already Stubborn, they instead become Unbreakable. Shugenja and Yamabushi may add +1 to their casting rolls.

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