Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Daemonic Gifts
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Characters may select one or more Gifts from the list below as described in the army list. Each Gift may only be taken once per army.

Bringer of the Swarm(Ability)70 points

At the end of every Close Combat phase in which the Daemon causes one or more unsaved Wounds, a unit of Chaos Furies is created. The unit consists of one Chaos Fury for every unsaved Wound caused. The unit must be placed wholly within 6" of the Daemon and cannot be placed with 1" of another unit or impassable terrain. If any model cannot be placed because there isn't enough room, or you do not have sufficient models, it is lost. Units created in this way do not award victory points.

Aura of Disruption(Ability)60 points

Any dispel attempt you make while this model is on the table receives one extra 'free' dispel dice.

Sorcerous Lodestone(Ability)55 points

Whenever a spell is successfully cast by any Wizard, roll a D6 – this Daemon regains a Wound lost earlier in the battle on a roll of 5+. Whenever a spell is miscast by any Wizard, the Daemon instead suffers a Wound on a roll of 4+.

Massive Stature(Ability)45 points
Chaos Disruption(Ability)30 points

Any missile attack targeting the Daemon or the unit it is with suffers an additional -1 to Hit penalty.

Daemonic Arrogance(Ability)30 points

The Daemon gains the Stubborn special rule.

Noxious Breath(Ability)30 points
Soul Hunger(Ability)30 points

The Daemon may re-roll failed rolls To Hit and To Wound in the first round of any combat.

Souleater(Ability)30 points

At the end of any phase in which the Daemon causes one or more unsaved Wounds in close combat, it regains a single lost Wound.

Unholy Sacrifice(Ability)30 points

This Daemon can choose to lose D3 Wounds (with no saves allowed) at the start of any of your Magic phases. If it does so, add D3+1 dice to your power pool.

Ward of Chaos(Ability)30 points
Radiance of Dark Glory(Ability)25 points

The Daemon and any other Daemonic unit of the same allegiance within 12" suffers one less wound than normal when taking Instability tests.

Cleaving Blow(Ability)20 points
Impenetrable Hide(Ability)20 points

The Daemon gains +1 Toughness.

Withering Gaze(Ability)20 points
Awesome Strength(Ability)15 points

The Daemon gains +1 Strength.

Corpulence(Ability)15 points

The Daemon gains +1 Wound.

Crushing Mass(Ability)15 points
Incorporeal Strike(Ability)15 points

Enemies Wounded by this Daemon must re-roll successful armour saves.

Skill Swallower(Ability)15 points

Whenever the Daemon slays an enemy character, it immediately increases one characteristic, of your choice, by one point.

Unbreakable Skin(Ability)15 points
Unholy Flurry(Ability)15 points

The Daemon has +1 Attacks.

Dark Blessing(Ability)10 points

The Daemon gains a Ward Save (2+) against the first Wound it suffers in the battle.

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