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Dread Artefacts of Chaos
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On the following pages are magic items available to Warriors of Chaos armies. These can be taken in addition to any of the magic items listed in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Chaos Daemonsword(Magic Weapon)50 points

This most deadly of blades is a prison for the essence of a powerful Daemon. Though this sword is an artefact of utmost power, the Daemon within it is treacherous indeed, and will turn against its jailor in the blink of an eye.

A character with the Daemonsword adds D3 to his Strength and has an extra D3 Attacks, to a maximum of 10 (roll separately for these values at the start of each round). However, every To Hit roll of a 1 made by this character in close combat is resolved against himself; the character can never re-roll a To Hit roll of a 1.

Rending Sword(Magic Weapon)45 points

This sword has a series of gnarled teeth instead of an edged blade. When it's swung, the sword growls and snarls like a beast hungry for the taste of raw flesh. The Rending Sword is believed to have been created to reproduce a Chaos Weapon. Thought to have been first wielded by Samal the Cruel in 1477, many similar weapons have surfaced over the years. Whether these appearances are in actuality the same Rending Sword or not, no one knows for certain.

All attacks with the Rending Sword may re-roll failed To Wound rolls and have the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule.

Hellfire Sword(Magic Weapon)35 points

This blade was made from a single, searing flame that was hammered into material form and quenched in the blood of a fire-djinn. Those struck by it are set ablaze and may explode as their blood turns to liquid fire. The Hellfire Sword was first wielded by the Chaos Lord Garathor but, over time, it consumed his lifeforce until nought remained within his armour but ash. When the Hellfire Sword was prised from Garathor's ruined gauntlet years later, it flared so hotly that it fused into its new owner's hand. Eventually, this fool's spirit was also consumed, and the cycle began anew. Since its creation, a hundred mortals have borne this flame-wreathed blade, unaware of their doom until it was too late.

Close combat attacks made with the Hellfire Sword have the Flaming Attacks and Ignores Armour Saves special rules. After all close combat blows have been struck, roll a D6 for every foe slain by the Hellfire Sword - on the roll of a6, the slain foe's body explodes, inflicting an additional D6 Strength 4 hits on the enemy unit with the Flaming Attacks special rule. Unsaved Wounds inflicted in this way count towards the combat result. At the end of each of the wielder's turns, roll a D6; on the roll of a 1, they suffer one Wound with the Ignores Armour Saves special rule.

Magic Armour

The Crimson Armour of Dargan(Magic Armour)35 points

The rich crimson metal of this armour flares into a storm of blood-coloured light when its wearer wills it, dazzling those who would strike him a mortal blow.

Helm of Many Eyes(Magic Armour)20 points

This ornate helm has no eyeholes but is instead covered with wrought eyes on every available surface that stare into the world as it was, as it is, and as it shall once be. The stream of visions can overwhelm the bearer, but those who can sift through the bombardment of images are truly terrifying foes. They attack with preternatural reflexes, foreseeing their foe's actions and striking them down before they can even raise their swords. The only vision the helm never reveals is the moment of its wearer's demise, making it impossible for the champion to avoid such a fate. Upon the wearer's death, a new boil appears on the helm's surface. In time this bursts, revealing a new eyeball - the exact match of the previous owner - to join the helm's ever-growing collection. The Helm of Many Eyes was first worn by the ill-fated Talkar the Bleak, a vile Champion of Nurgle who stalked Kislev twenty years ago. He had lost his eyes to disease long ago, which was one of the reasons he turned to Nurgle in the first place. As a reward for his constant service, Nurgle rewarded his minion with this strange helmet. Talkar has since vanished, likely becoming a Spawn, but his Helmet was recently spotted during the first
movements of Archaon's invasion.


The warrior's helmet is crafted into a magnificent crown of spikes and horns that radiate invigorating dark power. The Crown of Everlasting Conquest was first worn by Asavar Kul in the Great War Against Chaos. The thorny crown was a symbol of his power and majesty on the field of war and helped him survive countless battles. When Magnus the Pious slew him before the walls of Kislev, the talisman rolled from his severed head where it was taken by a Daemon. It has since been lost to history.

The wearer of the Crown of Everlasting Conquest gains the Regeneration (4+) special rule. In addition, it gives the wearer the Inspiring Presence special rule to friendly units within 6". If worn by the General, his Inspiring Presence range is instead increased by 6".

Arcane Items

The Book of Secrets(Arcane Item)40 points

The Book of Secrets contains the writings of a mad Arabyan Wizard who coveted the powers of Elven High Magic. Believing the strictures set forth by Teclis had unnecessarily restricted the potential mastery Human Wizards could attain, he rejected the Colleges of Magic and set forth to master the art on his own. He threw himself into his work dabbling with Aqshy and Ulgu and seemed to succeed in working with both. Drawn to the power he thought lay ahead, and not noticing the side effects he developed from working with Dark Magic, he threw himself into the Lore of Death. Then, nothing was ever heard from him again. Some believe this madman was drawn into the Realm of Chaos or even murdered by Elves. But those who have pored through the Book of Secrets claim to hear faint cries for help coming from within the very pages of the tome. Red leather and steel fittings protect the pale vellum pages of this massive tome. The exterior is covered in strange glyphs and runes of the Arcane Language of Magic. Those who can read it get a sense of what this volume contains: the exploitation of the Winds of Magic. The Book of Secrets contains many dark truths, but all too often the price of such knowledge is life itself.

The Book of Secrets allows the Wizard to choose an additional spell from each of the Lores of Fire, Shadow and Death, following the normal rules for choosing spells. This does not give them any additional access to any Signature spells. In addition, they get +1 to channel power dice, but do not channel any dispel dice. If the bearer ever miscasts, roll 2D6 on the Miscast Table and choose the highest result.

Enchanted Items

Chalice of Chaos(Enchanted Item)10 points

On the eve before the Fall of Praag Asavar Kul gathered his champions to drink from the Chalice of Chaos, a vessel that contained the boiling blood of a Daemon. As Kul's minions swallowed, their bodies were wrought with changes, and those that survived were infused with power. Once the last drop of ichor was drained, the chalice shattered and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The vessel was thought lost until the Sorcerer Kharon Baal rediscovered it decades laterÑ mysteriously repaired and filled withfresh blood Ñ at the base of the monolith raised to honour Kid's fell deeds. Several times since has this cup been drunk from, shattering intofragments every time only to reappear years later. Countless mortals have sought out this fabled chalice, only too eager to risk eternal damnation for a fleeting chance at ultimate glory.

One use only. The bearer of the Chalice of Chaos may drink from it at the start of any phase. If he chooses to do so, roll a D6 and consult the table below.




Unworthy Fool: The imbiber immediately suffers a Wound, with no saves of any kind allowed.


Inhuman Speed: The imbiber gains the Always Strikes First special rule until the end of the turn.


Regenerating Flesh: The imbiber gains the Regeneration (4+) special rule until the end of the turn.


Dark Fortune: The imbiber gains the Ward save (5+) special rule until the end of the turn.


Daemonic Strength: The imbiber gains the Killing Blow special rule until the end of the turn.


Final Transformation: If the imbiber is already a Daemon Prince, he instead treats this result as Unworthy Fool. Otherwise, he must immediately take a Leadership test. If passed, he is gifted with Daemonhood, as described on the Eye of the Gods table. If failed, he is gifted with Spawndom, as described on the same table.

Magic Standards

Banner of Wrath(Magic Standard)25 points

The hallowed Banner of Wrath is surrounded by seething Daemons that lash out at the enemies of Chaos with bolts of dark lightning.

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