Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Enchanted Arrows
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Some models in the Wood Elf army have the option to purchase enchanted arrows. If a model has enchanted arrows, they must use them when shooting with an Asrai longbow. All Shooting attacks made with enchanted arrows count as Magical Attacks.

Arcane Bodkins(Enchanted Item)

Whether plate, chain, or unnatural hide, no armour can shield against the enchantments that permeate these deadly barbs – if the firer's aim is true, the target is doomed.

Hagbane Tips(Enchanted Item)

Fashioned from deadwood taken from the Glade of Woe, some of Morghur's taint lingers still within these darts, a virulent and formless blight that shrivels and spasms. These arrows are tipped with the tainted shards know in Athel Loren as ‘the Callach's Claws’. They are as deadly as their namesake’s touch – even a scratch can prove fatal if the venom settles in the target’s blood, and their target is destined to end their life in screaming agony.

Shooting attacks made with Hagbane Tips have the Poisoned Attacks special rule.

Starfire Shafts(Enchanted Item)

These arrows glow with an unnatural light and emit a piercing wail when they draw blood, chilling the soul of even the bravest warrior.

Shooting attacks made with Starfire Shafts forces enemies to take a Panic test if they suffer any casualties.

Swiftshiver Shards(Enchanted Item)

These arrows are crafted from a wood so light and strong that they seem to fly from the bow of their own accord.

Shooting attacks made with Swiftshiver Shards allow the model to fire Multiple Shots even when moving that turn.

Trueflight Arrows(Enchanted Item)

There is a rudimentary sentience buried deep within these arrows, an awareness that causes them to seek the target unbidden.

Shooting attacks made with Trueflight Arrows ignore all Shooting Modifiers that are not caused by magic items or spells.

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