Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Gifts of Chaos
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Beastmen gain the notice, and thus the favour, of the Dark Gods by the excesses of their savage and blasphemous deeds. Being the true Children of Chaos, these gifts often take the form of some gross exaggeration of their bestial traits.

Beastmen characters may be given Gifts of Chaos. Each gift may only be chosen once per army. Note that gifts are not magic items, and are therefore unaffected by effects that damage or neutralise magic items.

Crown of Horns(Ability)35 points

Occasionally, a beast that has earned the favour of his patron god sprouts a thick crown of long, jet-black horns from his skull. He is often acknowledged as the warberd's chieftain without a challenge; so obvious are the Dark Gods' blessings. Rivulets of blood constantly trickle from where the horns have pushed through his forehead, and it is obvious to all that the bearer has truly been marked for greatness.Such an individual is supremely confident in his position at the pinnacle of the warherd.

General only. The bearer of the Crown of Horns gains a Ward Save (5+). In addition, any unit he joins gains +1 to any Rally attempts they make.

Gnarled Hide(Ability)15 points

The Beastman's skin has encysted, forming a layer of crusty natural armour as tough as chainmail.

Many-limbed Fiend(Ability)15 points

The Beastman has sprouted additional arms, allowing him to unleash yet more carnage upon the battlefield.

The model gains +1 Attack.

Gouge-tusks(Ability)10 points

The Beastman's lower incisors have grown into sharp or excessively large tusks.

Rune of the True Beast(Ability)10 points

The bearer was born with a rare and potent rune marked on his flesh, a sigil of pure savagery that marks the individual out as nothing more than a ravenous mass of muscle and fangs. Even the strongest beast will cower before the unbridled ferocity of this raging predator.

War Beasts, Swarms as as well as any mounts are not allowed to target the model bearing the Rune of the True Beast in close combat, although any riders may attack as normal.

Slug-skin(Ability)10 points

This gift of the Chaos Gods causes the recipient's skin to ooze a constant aura of vile, toxic corruption.

All enemy models in base contact with the model at the start of any round of close combat suffer a Strength 2 hit with the Poisoned Attacks special rule.

Shadow-hide(Ability)5 points

The bearer's ebon fur appears to absorb light and draw the shadows about it as a cloak of shadows.

Model on foot only. Enemy models targeting the character with missile attacks suffer a -1 To Hit modifier.

Uncanny Sense(Ability)5 points

The Dark Gods have gifted the Beastman with acute senses, additional eyes or even an extra bead, granting it unnaturally fast reactions.

The model gains +1 Initiative.

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