Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Gifts of Khaine
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The Assassins and Witch Elves of Khaine have access to many exotic weapons, poisons, abilities and unique artefacts. These are the most well-kept secrets of the Temple, and they are never taught to outsiders. Many of the blades carried by Assassins and Witch Elves have been envenomed, for the lore of poison is well understood in the Temples of Khaine.

These Gifts of Khaine may be taken by certain models as indicated in the army list. Unless otherwise stated, these are not magic items. A model may not have multiples of the same upgrade, but an upgrade can be taken by more than one model in the army.

Dance of Doom(Ability)30 points

The sinuous Dance of Doom can enthrall even the most steely disciplined Swordmaster and be used to dodge the fastest shot or blow.

Model on foot only. Enemies targeting the model must re-roll all successful To Hit rolls with missile weapons and in close combat.

Rending Stars (Ability)25 points

These are a particular type of throwing star, with wickedly curved edges that tear through flesh and leave a deeply lacerated wound.

Assassins only. Rending Stars are missile weapons with the following profile.

RangeStrengthSpecial Rules

Rune of Khaine (Ability)25 points

The Hag Queens burn the rune of the Lord of Murder upon the brow of the most zealous of killers, marking them as one of the Lord of Murder's chosen.

Witchbrew(Ability)25 points

Witchbrew is distilled from blood by the Hag Queens. It drives Witch Elves into such an ecstasy of destruction that they will fight on against impossible odds.

Death Hag and Hag Queens only. This model, and all models in the same unit, gain +1 Attack and can never lose their Frenzy for the remainder of the game. However, they will automatically fail any Berserk Rage test they need to take.

Hand of Khaine (Ability)20 points

Tracing a complex pattern in the air, the Dark Elf entrances his victim, leaving him vulnerable and open to attack.

One model in base contact (mount or rider) chosen by the Dark Elves player, loses -3 to their Weapon Skill for the remainder of the close combat phase. This has no effect on model with Immunity (Psychology).

Touch of Death (Ability)20 points

The Adepts of Death school the servants of Khaine to learn the points on a body that kill instantly.

Cry of War(Ability)15 points

By screeching one of the seventeen secret names of Khaine, the warrior freezes enemies with horror.

All units in base contact must pass a Leadership test at the start of the first round of close combat. If failed, they will only hit on 6's this round.

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