Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Gifts of Khorne
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The following powers may only be taken by Daemons of Khorne.

Dark Insanity(Ability)50 points
Slaughterborn(Ability)30 points

The Daemon gains +D3 Attacks in close combat.

Immortal Fury(Ability)25 points

The Daemon gains the Hatred special rule, which applies in all rounds of close combat. However, it must always pursue fleeing enemies.

Spell Breaker(Ability)25 points

One use only. When an enemy spell has been cast, a Daemon with this Gift can use it instead of attempting to dispel the spell by using dispel dice. This gives them 6 free dice to attempt to dispel the spell, which cannot be combined with any other dispel dice. This may also be used to dispel spells that Remains in play.

Spell Destroyer(Ability)25 points

If an enemy spell is successfully cast on a model with this Gift, or the unit it is in, roll a D6. On a 4+, the spell is destroyed after it has been resolved, and the enemy must discard the spell for the rest of the game.

Battlemaster(Ability)20 points

The Daemon receives +1 To Hit in close combat.

Massive Might(Ability)20 points

The Daemon may re-roll failed rolls To Wound in close combat.

Might of Khorne(Ability)20 points
Aspect of Death(Ability)15 points

Enemy units in base contact with the Daemon suffer an additional -D3 to their Leadership when taking Break tests.

Unrivalled Battle-lust(Ability)15 points

The Daemon may re-roll failed charge distances.

Arch-slaughterer(Ability)10 points

The Daemon doubles the amount of combat resolution it receives for Wounds caused in a challenge.

Devastating Blow(Ability)10 points

The Daemon may replace its normal Attacks for a special attack. If this special attack Hits, it automatically Wounds with the Multiple Wounds (D6) special rule.

Rage Unchained(Ability)10 points

The Daemon gains the Frenzy special rule.

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