Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Gnoblar Upgrades
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Gnoblars are often bullied into makeshift crow's-nests at the top of Ogre standards. If an enemy is targeting the Ogres below, the Gnoblar can either give advance warning of the threat, or fall to his death.

Any character in a unit with a Look-out Gnoblar benefits from the "Look Out Sir!" special rule as long as there are three rank and file models of the same troop type remaining in the unit.


Ogres often come to the point where they believe certain long-lived pet Gnoblars are lucky charms. Occasionally, this proves to be true after all, it can be considered lucky when a foe's blade opens up a pet Gnoblar's skull rather than the Ogre's throat.

An Ogre with a Luck-Gnoblar may re-roll a single Armour or Ward Save, once per battle.


An Ogre’s name may change over the course of his life. For instance, Gulg the Hungry, upon his fifth change of gut plate to accommodate his spreading girth, decided to adopt the name Gulg the Fat. Some Ogres have almost comically long and overcomplicated names, but these mighty individuals invariably have enough status to keep a Name-Gnoblar or two around to remember the Ogre’s title.

For each Name-Gnoblar an Ogre has, he can choose an additional Big Name.


Scalp-Gnoblars serve as a Butcher’s or Slaughtermaster’s ritualistic attendants, preparing various ingredients for the more complicate, gruesome rituals and assist in performing more delicate tasks than simply throwing limbs and body parts in a pot.

One use only. A Butcher with a Scalp-Gnoblar may re-roll a single dice when attempting to cast a spell from the Lore of the Great Maw.


The most influential Ogres of each tribe often manage to secure themselves a Gnoblar or two worth more than the dung on their oversized boots. These Gnoblars hide between the legs of their master, poking sharp implements into the flesh of whoever is occupying his attention during the battle.

An Ogre with a Sword-Gnoblar benefits from one extra Strength 2 attack per close combat round, at the Weapon Skill of the owning model (the opponent's attention is elsewhere!).


Ogre Butchers usually surround themselves with bloodstained menials that do the Butcher's bidding and, one way or another provide ingredients for his shamanic magicks. These Gnoblars thread a thin tightrope between usefulness and palatability.

One use only. After attempting to cast a spell from the Lore of the Great Maw, a Butcher with a Tooth-Gnoblar may choose to sacrifice one to get +1 to his casting value.

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