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Heirlooms of Athel Loren
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used by the Wood Elves. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Daith's Reaper(Magic Weapon)50 points

During the war between the Elven pantheon and the Chaos Gods, Khaine and Slaanesh soon came to blows. Though Khaine was ultimately cast into the mortal realm, he inflicted great harm upon the Dark Prince, and gouged onto his otherwise perfect face a scar that has never fully healed. During that battle, a small shard was struck from Khaine's Widowmaker, and fell upon the realm later known as Athel Loren. It is this shard, reforged and reshaped, that forms the spine of Daith's Reaper, a weapon that many Elves hold to be the smith's finest work. The very pinnacle of Daith's forging skill, a more finely crafted and deadly blade than this is not to be found within the realm of Athel Loren, nor for many leagues past its boundaries.

All failed To Hit and To Wound rolls made with Daith's Reaper must be re-rolled, as must all successful armour saves taken against Wounds caused by this weapon.

The Spirit Sword(Magic Weapon)50 points

This blade was crafted from the same crystal as the waystones stationed around the Wildwood. Within it are bound a host of nebulous entities, once the most feared denizens of that benighted place. These doomed creatures grant the Sprit Sword its power, for when the weapon draws blood, the wielder can command them to consume his opponent's very soul within their iridescent prison. There is no defence against such a fate save force of will. If the victim's mind is strong enough, he can perhaps resist the power of the sword, at least for a time, but no one can resist the Spirit Sword indefinitely. Only with a great effort of will can the bearer retain control over the Spirit Sword, for if his resolve is not strong enough, it will be his essence that the blade steals, not that of his foes.

Armour saves cannot be taken against Wounds caused by the Spirit Sword. Furthermore, immediately when an enemy single model unit (that is not an Animated Construct) or Character suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from the Spirit Sword, both they and the wielder must roll 2D6 and add their respective Leadership values. If the wounded model's total is higher, or the totals are the same, nothing else happens. If the wounded model's total is lower, it immediately suffers a Wound which Ignores Armour Saves for each point by which its total was exceeded.

The Bow of Loren(Magic Weapon)20 points

Never closer to death has Ariel come than during the assault on Ghrond, when an assassin's knife would have taken her heart, but for the timely intervention and peerless aim of Galed, an archer of Lady Morgalla's household. As reward for this heroic deed, Galed sought only a single perfect hair from his queen's head. This he ever after used to string his enchanted longbow, transforming an already exceptional weapon into a hunter's tool worthy of mighty Kurnous himself. The wielder of the Bow of Loren is therefore considered to be the Fey Queen's champion upon the battlefield, striking down her enemies with unnaturally swift precision.

Asrai Longbow. All shots from the Bow of Loren are resolved at Strength 4 with Multiple Shots (A) special rule. Multiple Shots (A) means the bow fires a number of shots equal to the wielder's Attacks characteristic. It cannot fire enchanted arrows.

Note that if Sceolan is included in your army, no other model may be given the Bow of Loren.

Magic Armour

The Helm of the Hunt (Magic Armour)40 points

Gwythraul, Lord of Nine Crags, is a celebrated figure in Athel Loren, his deeds recounted as a mixture of history and wine blurred myth. Bidden to journey within the Dreaming Wood by the goddess Lileath, he first travelled the twelve realms in search of enchanted treasures that would ensure survival in that Daemon-haunted land. In each realm, Gwythraul performed a quest of the ruler's choosing, deeds ranging from the destruction of Beastlord Brokar, to altering the course of the River Brilienne. Laden with magical heirlooms, Gwythraul at last entered the Dreaming Wood, and was lost for many generations. Only one item - the Helm of the Hunt, Orion's last remnant of a mortal life - survived Gwythraul's journey, and only the bravest have dared don it thereafter. Legend counts Gwythraul's quest as successful, though it is silent on its goal, and on the fate of the other treasures.

This enchanted helm imbues the wearer with the spirit and fury of Orion. The Helm of the Hunt has the following armour profile:

CombatMissileSpecial Rules


The Rhymer's Harp(Talisman)60 points

Yimas the Rhymer was a renowned songsmith of Athel Loren, whose errantries at the side of Naieth the Prophetess have long since passed into folklore. Though their journeys were many and dangerous, the enchanted notes of Yimas's harp granted them speed and sanctuary.

Arcane Items

Calaingor's Stave(Arcane Item)15 points

Crafted from an undying bough taken from the Oak of Ages, this staff still pulses with the vibrant life force of Athel Loren, connecting the bearer to the hearts and minds of the forest's trees. By reaching out through the Winds of Magic, the bearer of the staff can rouse woodland to life, urging the trees to move, or assail those within their midst.

When casting the Tree Singing spell, the bearer may re-roll the distance the forest moves, or the number of Hits it inflicts.

Enchanted Items

Hail of Doom Arrow(Enchanted Item)35 points

Created and bound with magics as old as the Elven race, when released the magical Hail of Doom arrow splits into dozens of deadly shards upon release, each one seeking its target with unwavering purpose. The Wood Elves consider a Hail of Doom arrow too unsporting a weapon for the hunt, but a fit chastisement for barbarians too stupid to respect the sovereignty of Athel Loren.

One use only. Model with Asrai Longbow only. The Hail of Doom arrow can be used instead of making a Shooting attack with the bearer's Asrai longbow, though it cannot be used with the Sniper rule. Declare that the Hail of Doom Arrow is being used before any dice are rolled.

RangeStrengthSpecial Rules

Moonstone of the Hidden Ways(Enchanted Item)35 points

In ages past, the worldroots linked Athel Loren not only with every forest upon the face of the world, but those further afield also. Though the world is much changed from the early days and many pathways are now forever closed, to the wise there are still paths that link all forests together. Yet sometimes, simple knowledge is not enough for the pathways are locked and those that remain can be unsealed only through the use of the ancient Moonstone that Adanhu gifted to the Elves in the wake of the first great council.

If the bearer's unit is wholly within a forest at the end of your Movement phase, and is not in close combat, it can forestwalk. If it does so, remove it from the battlefield and immediately replace it, wholly within any forest on the battlefield, in the same formation, but facing any direction. A forestwalking unit cannot be placed within 1" of an enemy unit or impassable terrain. A unit that forestwalks counts as having marched in the Movement phase.

Magic Standards

The Banner of the Eternal Queen(Magic Standard)55 points

This banner was woven by no lesser hand than that of Ariel, Mage Queen of Athel Loren, and is said to have been woven from the fey-queen's own hair. The magic of her touch lingers in every gossamer thread, protecting her kinsfolk from the onset of foul sorcery. It is beyond doubt that a portion of her power resides within this standard, for those who fight beneath the Banner of the Eternal Queen can hear Ariel’s voice whispering in their minds, filling them with courage in the face of impossible odds.

Banner of the Eternal Queen can hear Ariel's voice whispering in their minds, filling them with courage in the face of impossible odds. The bearer has the Magic Resistance (3) special rule. In addition, once per game, all models in the same unit as the Banner of the Eternal Queen have the Unbreakable special rule until the end of the turn, or until the bearer is slain (whichever comes first). Declare you are using this ability at the start of any phase.

The Banner of the Hunter King(Magic Standard)30 points

The tattered threads of this ancient standard resound with Orion's eagerness for battle. None who fight in its shadow can help but be overcome by the glory of the hunt; they close with the foe as fast as they are able, the better to prove themselves in Kurnous' eyes.

The unit carrying the Banner of the Hunter King add +D6" to their charge range.

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