Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Heirlooms of Magic
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used by the Empire. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Runefang(Magic Weapon)70 points

At the dawn of the Empire, the Dwarf Runesmith Alaric the Mad forged a dozen magical swords for Sigmar's twelve chieftains as payment Sigmar's help in reclaiming the Dwarven stronghold of Zhufbar from marauding Orcs. Each was a masterpiece, requiring all the skill and ancient knowledge of runecraft to create. The Runefangs are thus blades of unsurpassed power, able to carve through gromril plate and Dragon scale. The Runefangs are traditionally held by the ten Elector Counts of the Empire as treasured heirlooms, passed down from father to son. They are amongst the oldest and most treasured artefacts still surviving in the Old World, and today the Runefangs are synonymous with the status, power and authority of the Elector Counts. Each Runefang is the symbol of office of a particular province and as such, each has its own name and history. When the time comes for a new Emperor to be elected the assembled, the Elector Counts vote by placing their Runefangs at the base of their advocate's personal banner. Of the twelve Runefangs, only ten are currently in the hands of Elector Counts, for the provinces of Solland and Drakwald no longer exist. The Solland Runefang is currently entrusted to the Reiksmarshal of the Empire. The final blade is kept in the Imperial Armoury in Altdorf and occasionally presented by the Emperor to a heroic General who is fighting in the service of the Empire.

The Mace of Helsturm(Magic Weapon)50 points

The first Grand Theogonist, Johann Helsturm, used this doublehanded mace in battle. It is said that his faith in Sigmar was strong enough to shatter the walls of a castle, and that the mace retains a portion of that holy might to this day. When wielded by a warrior whose devotion is beyond reproach, the head of this weapon glows so brightly it bursts into flame. As the mace is swung overhead it leaves twin trails of fire in its wake, and when it smashes into its foes, it hits with the force of a meteor strike.

Great weapon. Instead of attacking normally, the bearer can choose to forfeit all of his normal Attacks to make a single, special Attack. If this Attack hits, it is resolved at Strength 10 and has both the Flaming Attacks and Multiple Wounds (D3) special rules.

Magic Armour

The Armour of Meteoric Iron(Magic Armour)40 points

This suit of armour, long ago forged by the Dwarf smiths of Zhufbar, is today held in the Imperial Armoury at Altdorf. Cunningly wrought from a rare star metal and stamped with protective runes, it is said that no mortal blade can pierce the Armour of Meteoric Iron. Sword strikes, arrows, and even cannonballs, have all rebounded harmlessly against the Armour of Meteoric Iron, the twin-tailed comet emblazoned on its breastplate not so much as scratched by the blows. Only the greatest heroes of the Empire may don it.

Helm of the Skavenslayer(Magic Armour)15 points

The legendary helm of Count Mandred Skavenslayer was crafted from the skull of the Skaven warlord who fell at the Battle of the Howling Hills. Even after Mandred's assassination at the hands of the foul ratmen several decades later, it is said that a portion of his vengeful spirit lived on within the macabre helm, filling those who gaze upon its gruesome visage with fear and dread. Such is its reputation amongst the vile rat-spawn that the mere sight of the Skavenslayer's Helm drives them to frenetic action as they battle their instinctive fear and loathing of the object in equal measure.

The wearer of the Helm of the Skavenslayer gains a 6+ armour save and the Fear special rule. Against models from a Skaven army, the wearer causes Terror instead. However, all Skaven gain the Hatred special rule while attacking the wearer.


Shroud of Magnus(Talisman)60 points

This ancient shroud was laid upon the body of Magnus the Pious after his death. On it one can still see the features of the Saviour of the Empire, his countenance as noble in death as it was in life. The presence of this revered relic among their ranks fills the soldiers with faith and strengthens their resolve. They will fight on even against the most dreadful of enemies.

Enchanted Items

Aldred's Casket of Sorcery(Enchanted Item)35 points

The casket has the power to entrap and contain the power of magic forever, as Aldred unwittingly discovered when he opened it in the presence of the Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic. Aldred was not seen thereafter.

Bound Spell (power level variable). At the start of each of his Magic phases, the bearer may remove and capture one randomly determined spell from an enemy Wizard within 12" of him on a roll of 4+. The bearer can then cast the captured spell in any of his own Magic phases by releasing it from the casket just like from a Bound Spell, whereupon the spell is then removed from the game. Any number of spells may be captured by the casket, and the bearer can cast each one once, either over several magic phases or all at the same time if they prefer. The power level of the spell cast by the casket will be equivalent to the normal casting value of the spell.

Van Horstmann's Speculum(Enchanted Item)35 points

Though the Empire's soldiers stand bravely against the dangerous monsters and dark champions that assail them each day, they are no match for these foes on their own. Prior to being corrupted by the Ruinous Powers and his uncovering as a Chaos worshipper, the Wizard Egrimm van Horstmann managed to craft a solution to this problem. The result was a small magical mirror hanged around the wearer's neck with the ability to switch the fighting qualities of the wearer with that of their enemy. Fearing the possibility of being corrupted by van Horstmann's influence, the Light College has since added a series of strong protective wards to the device to limit its power.

When the wearer fights in a challenge, he must 'swap' the Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness, Initiative and Attacks characteristics on his profile with his enemy
(but not the enemy's mount, if he has one). So, the wearer fights with his enemy's Strength, Toughness, Initiative and Attacks whilst his enemy fights with the wearer's Strength, Toughness, Initiative and Attacks. Note that you cannot choose not to use Van Horstmann's Speculum and you must swap all of the listed characteristics for the duration of the challenge, not just some of them.

Ring of Volans(Enchanted Item)20 points

Volans, the founder of the Colleges of Magic, was one of the first men to learn magic from the High Elves and the greatest of the human pupils of Teclis. It was he who instructed the patriarchs of the colleges to commit their newfound knowledge into a single tome so that Teclis' teachings would never be lost. In all the Empire, it is the only source of arcane knowledge that does not distil the secrets of magic into one of its eight separate winds. However, the human mind is unable to master the full spectrum of sorcery, and every wizard who has attempted to read from the tome has been driven out of his mind. A magical seal was thus placed upon the book to protect anyone else from a similar fate, a lock that only Volans' ring can open. This ring has ever since shared a mystical connection to the forbidden tome, and both resonate with raw magical power. The Ring of Volans is carved from a single emerald, capable of storing a spell and the magical energy to use it. A warrior who possesses the Ring of Volans is able, for a small time at least, to harness a tiny fraction of one of the eight Winds of Magic.

One use only. Bound Spell (power level variable). At the beginning of the game, choose one of the eight Lores of Magic from the Warhammer rulebook and generate a spell from it as if the bearer were a Level 1 Wizard. That spell is bound within the Ring of Volans is automatically cast with a power level equal to the normal casting value of the spell, no power dice are required.

Magic Standards

The Imperial Banner(Magic Standard)85 points

Woven upon Elven silks and embroided with the commandments of Sigmar, the standard which carries the ruling Emperor's blazon fills nearby troops with a supreme sense of duty and pride. This banner shines with a soothing light that reaches into the hearts of warriors in despair, filling them with courage and renewing their will to fight on.

All units within 12" of this banner roll 3D6 for their Leadership test, and discards the highest dice.

Griffon Standard(Magic Standard)50 points

Other than depictions of the mighty Warhammer of Sigmar, no symbol holds as high a place in the Empire's esteem as that of the Griffon. The Griffon Banner was the personal standard of Magnus the Pious, and ever since the Great War Against Chaos it has been a symbol of noble bravery, sacrifice and valour throughout the Empire. The men of Reikland have carried this standard in many a battle. The renowned Griffon Standard of the Empire rests in the Great Cathedral of Sigmar and brought forth in times of war. In the folktales of the Empire, the Griffon is a stalwart and stubborn beast that refuses to be bested in combat, no matter how outmatched it may be. In honour of this, a unit flying the Griffon Standard resolutely stands its ground, and it is said that no unit that ever carries it in good cause can be broken no matter how many fall. Subtle enchantments are woven into the banner, and when the soldiers of the Empire carry it into battle, they fight with the courage and determination of Magnus himself.

A unit bearing the Griffon Banner doubles any combat result bonus granted for having extra ranks. However, the unit carrying the Griffon Banner cannot pursue a fleeing enemy and must hold their ground instead.

This banner depicts the while wolf of Ulric. The banner was carried at the battle of Middenhcim itself, and afterwards dipped in the blood or a mighty daemon prince of Chaos destroyed by the Knights. This has endowed the harmer with magical properties, radiating a sense of terror that affects the Knights' enemies.

Knights of the White Wolf unit only. The unit carrying this standard causes Fear. When charging, they cause Terror.

The Battle Standard of the Knights Panther was created by the wizards of the College of Light. It protects the Knights Panther from magical attack by warding away evil sorcery.