Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Magic Items (Cult of Ulric)
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used by the Cult of Ulric. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Storm Hammer(Magic Weapon)25 points

Polearm. Models Hit in the turn the wielder charges may not attack that turn.

Winter's Bite(Magic Weapon)20 points

Magic Armour

Armour of Skoll(Magic Armour)25 points
Wolf Helm of the Teutogens(Magic Armour)15 points

6+ armour save. The wearer can take a Leadership test at the start of every Close Combat phase. If passed, they gain +1 Strength for the duration of that phase.


Heart of Middenheim(Talisman)55 points
The White Cloak of Ulric(Talisman)50 points
Cloak of Anraheir(Talisman)25 points
Shard of Skoll(Talisman)15 points

Priest of Ulric only. The Shard adds +1 to the score of every dice rolled when making a Dispel attempt. If the Dispel attempt was successful the Shard is destroyed, shattered by the magic it absorbs, but otherwise it can be retained and used again.

Wolfshead Emblem(Talisman)15 points

Priest of Ulric only. One use only. The Wolfshead Emblem may be used at the start of any Magic Phase. One used, the Wolfshead add +1 free Dispel dice to all Dispel attempts made this turn.

Enchanted Items

Ice Dagger(Enchanted Item)30 points

Priest of Ulric only. The bearer may add the current rank bonus of the unit he accompanies to the Power level of his Prayers.

Bane of the Craven(Enchanted Item)25 points

Neither the unit that carries the Bane of the Craven nor any unit they charge may ever voluntarily flee as a charge reaction.

Fang of the White Wolf(Enchanted Item)25 points

Priest of Ulric only. One use only. Before using a Prayer, the bearer may declare he is using this item. Every double rolled (except 1's and 6's) when he is casting his Prayers this Magic phase counts as having a 6 for the purpose of Ultimate Power.

Amber Fang(Enchanted Item)15 points

Priest of Ulric only. The bearer can cast the same Prayer twice in each Magic phase.

Fauschlag Ring(Enchanted Item)15 points

The wearer gains +1 to Hit in close combat.

Claw Totem(Enchanted Item)10 points

The character and any unit they are with can roll one additional dice when pursuing fleeing enemies, and discard the lowest roll.

Pelt of Horros(Enchanted Item)10 points

The wearer may re-roll one failed to wound roll in each Close Combat phase.

Magic Standards

Banner of the Warrior True(Magic Standard)30 points

When the unit carrying this banner takes a Break Test, they count as having lost the combat by D3 fewer points than they really did. If this reduces the margin of the loss to 0 or lower, they still count as having lost the combat but test on their unmodified Leadership.

The Banner of Ulric(Magic Standard)25 points

Knights of the White Wolf, Inner Circle Knights of the White Wolf or Winter Wolf Knights only. The unit carrying this standard causes Fear. When charging, they cause Terror.

Standard of the White Wolf(Magic Standard)25 points

All missile fire against the unit (including magic missiles) suffers a -1 penalty to its Strength. Other types of attack, including spells that are not magic missiles, are unaffected.

Banner of Middenheim(Magic Standard)20 points