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Magic Items Expansion (Bretonnia)
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Magic Weapons

The Wyrmlance(Magic Weapon)30 points

Legend has it that the lance of Duke Beligulf Fearnought was plunged into the maw of the dragon Malifex just as it was about to spout a great torrent of flame. It is said to have absorbed the power of the dragon's breath and, by uttering the name of the slain dragon, the wielder may unleash this fire at will.

Lance. The wielder of the Wyrmlance gains a Strength 3 Breath Weapon with the Flaming Attacks special rule. In addition, all attacks made with the Wyrmlance have the Flaming Attacks special rule.

Birth-Sword of Carcassonne(Magic Weapon)25 points

At birth, all noble sons in the Dukedom of Carcassonne are made to touch a specially forged blade, and this weapon hangs above their cots until they reach an age when they can wield it. This mirrors the story of the original duke, Lambard, who was said to have grasped a sword even before suckling at his mother's bosom.

The Birth-sword of Carcassonne gives +1 Strength to the wielder. Enemies wounded by the sword must re-roll any successful Armour saves.

The Heartwood Lance(Magic Weapon)25 points

This lance was crafted from the heart of the Major Oak, the largest tree in Bretonnia, which was shattered by lightning the moment Gilles was struck down. Its blackened wood is covered with tiny carvings depicting the twelve battles of Gilles and, despite being harder than stone and diamond sharp, it is lightweight and beautiful to behold.

Lance. The Heartwood Lance allows the bearer to re-roll all failed rolls to wound.

Sword of the Quest(Magic Weapon)25 points

This large hand-and-a-half sword has been passed down from knight to knight, and has been held by such figures as Percival of Lyonesse and St. Balgar of Carcassonne.

The Lance of Artois(Magic Weapon)10 points

This was the lance used by Folgar of Artois, who became one of Gilles' Grail Companions and was renowned for his skill at the joust. The lance tip remains as sharp as it ever was, despite the passing of time. In times of need, the lance is removed from the Grail Chapel of St. Folgar and bestowed upon a knight for the duration of battle.

Lance. The Lance of Artois gives the wielder the Killing Blow special rule on turns in which the character charges.

Magic Armour

Armour of the Midsummer Sun(Magic Armour)35 points

This enchanted armour reflects and magnifies the light of the sun so that beams of light shimmer and burst from every surface as the knight gallops towards his foe.

Heavy armour. Opponents suffer -1 penalty To Hit the wearer of the Armour of the Midsummer Sun with both missile and close combat attacks.

Gromril Great Helm(Magic Armour)30 points

This ornate helm was a gift from the Dwarf King Grundhar Irongut after a group of Questing Knights broke a Greenskin siege of Karaz-a-Karak. It bears a potent rune of protection and in its long history has never been so much as tarnished.

The Gromril Great Helm gives the wearer a 6+ armour save and allows them to re-roll failed armour saves.

Armour of Agilulf(Magic Armour)25 points

It is believed that the knight Agilulf wore this armour, but in folklore it is claimed that Agilulf never actually existed, and that the armour was possessed of a will of its own. When the knight was slain, if indeed he was alive, the armour was found to be empty, and its shining brilliance gradually faded until it was its current, dark colour.

Heavy armour and shield (shield must be used at all times). The wearer of the Armour of Agilulf gains Weapon Skill 10.

The Grail Shield(Magic Armour)15 points

The Grail Shield has been blessed by each of the Grail Companions. It is said that its bearer will not grow a day older whilst it is in his possession.

Orcbane Shield(Magic Armour)15 points

This shield has a huge and bloody maw sculpted to its front, and has become an icon of terror and confusion for the Greenskin tribes that assail Bretonnia.

Shield. Any unengaged unit from Warhammer: Orcs & Goblins within 12" of the model with the Orcbane Shield that must take an Animosity test fails it on a 1-2 instead of a 1.

Gilded Cuirass(Magic Armour)10 points

This breastplate is inscribed with the words of the Grail Vow, and even in the brightest sunlight the delicate filigree letters glow. The most grievous of wounds will knit together as the Lady's favour shines upon the wearer.


Holy Icon(Talisman)40 points

This priceless triptych depicts the aspects of the Lady and incorporates the heraldry of Bretonnia. Any under the auspices of this artefact find themselves imbued with faith and become practically immune to hostile magic.

Insignia of the Quest(Talisman)25 points

Those valiant knights who have worn the Insignia of the Quest have almost all gone on to drink from the Grail – the Insignia is then handed down to another Questing Knight to aid him in his deeds.

Questing Vow only. If the bearer of the Insignia of the Quest is ever reduced to 1 Wound, then the Knight instantly gains a Ward Save (3+) as long as they remain at 1 Wound. If the character suffers an attack that would kill him before he has gained this Ward save (such as Killing Blow or Multiple Wounds), he will be reduced to 1 Wound, then may attempt his Ward Save (3+) to stay alive and nullify any further wounds caused by the same hit.

Token of the Damsel(Talisman)20 points

On the eve of battle, noblewomen often give their favoured knight a token of their support, such as a lock of hair, a ribbon or a brooch. The knight will carry these tokens with him, giving him strength in his time of need. Tokens given by damsels often carry powerful enchantments.

Lord or Paladin only. One use only. The wearer of the Token of the Damsel ignores the first wounding Hit (after saves) suffered during the game.

Mantle of Damsel Elena(Talisman)10 points

Legend has it that Elena continued fighting the Orc Warlord Agbdrac even though she had lost her sword, one eye and most of her lifeblood. This mantle is said to retain the heat of Elena's fiery passion and her indomitable will to succeed despite the most grievous of injuries.

Arcane Items

Prayer Icon of Quenelles(Arcane Item)45 points

Of all the Grail Companions, Duke Fredemund of Quenelles was possibly the most devoted to the Lady of the Lake. When opened, this prayer icon displays a miraculously painted image of the Lady that inspires unfettered devotion.

Sacrament of the Lady(Arcane Item)40 points

These thin, translucent wafers have been blessed by the Lady herself and imbued with the essence of Bretonnia's glory. When one is placed on the tongue, the owner lapses into throes of religious ecstasy as images of the fallen Grail Companions flood their mind.

The bearer may use the Sacrament of the Lady at the start of any Bretonnian Magic phase. The model adds 2D3 Power Dice to your power pool, but may not cast any spells herself that turn. Each time the Sacrament are used, roll a dice. On a 1 the model has run out of wafers and after that turn the Sacrament cannot be used for the remainder of the game.

The Verdant Heart(Arcane Item)40 points

These thin, translucent wafers have been blessed by the Lady herself and imbued with the essence of Bretonnia's glory. When one is placed on the tongue, the owner lapses into throes of religious ecstasy as images of the fallen Grail Companions flood their mind.

The Verdant Heart gives the bearer a +D3 bonus to the result of their spell casting attempts from the Lore of Life. Roll for each spell casting attempt.

Potion Sacre(Arcane Item)10 points

This protective potion is brewed from the tears of a damsel whose champion has died in battle, mixed with the holy water from a great Bretonnian cathedral.

One use only. The Potion Sacre can be used before rolling the dice to cast or dispel a spell. After the dice are rolled, the player may add +1 to the result of one dice. This may cause Ultimate Power or prevent a Miscast.

Enchanted Items

The Mane of the Purebreed(Enchanted Item)30 points

The mane of Gilles' faithful steed is a revered relic of Bretonnia. Strands of this precious artefact can be woven into a horse's mane, conferring the strength and fortitude of the Lord of all Horses onto one of his bloodline.

Model on Warhorse only. The Mane of the Purebreed gives +1 Strength to all Warhorses in the unit the model is with.

The Ruby Goblet(Enchanted Item)25 points

The Ruby Goblet is an ancient artefact reclaimed from the castle of the Red Duke. The Chalice is wrought from gold and set with rubies. It gutters with pale, ghostly flames which kindle into a blinding flare of light when the Chalice is anointed with blood. If so much as a drop of blood spilled in anger touches the goblet, it throws a red-hued protective aura around its bearers.

This magic item will start to take effect at the end of the first phase during which the bearer or his unit suffers an unsaved wound. From that moment on, the bearer and any unit he is with cannot be wounded on better than a 3+ from any non-magical source.

Battle Stone of the Marquis(Enchanted Item)15 points

Michel d'un Doigt was a Bretonnian wizard who laboured long and hard to create a series of enchanted gemstones for use by the chivalric knights of that realm. The Battle Stone is a glimmering red ruby that fills its bearer with vigour and energy.

One use only. The Battle Stone may be used at the start of any close combat phase. The bearer (but not any mount) gains +3 Attacks for this round of close combat.

Antlers of the Great Hunt(Enchanted Item)10 points

The knight's helm is adorned with a splendid set of antlers taken from the quarry of a great hunt, slain by the knight himself. The antlers denote exceptional prowess as a horseman and hunter, and bestow virility and long life.

Lord or Paladin only. The model wearing the Antlers of the Great Hunt and any unit they are with roll an additional dice when pursuing and discard the lowest result.

Braid of Bordeleaux(Enchanted Item)5 points

Said to be a braid cut from the hair of the god Manann, this was a sacred artefact of the first Duke of Bordeleaux. Its dark hair is entwined with kelp and sea shells, and salt water constantly drips from it. When held in the hand and Manann invoked, the caller is filled with divine energy, though this can be a very draining experience.

The bearer of the Braid of Bordeleaux and any unit they are with gain the Aquatic special rule.

Magic Standards

Conqueror's Tapestry(Magic Standard)25 points

This beautifully embroidered tapestry bears depictions of all the bearer's greatest victories. The morning after a battle, the knight will wake to find his latest exploits delicately picked out in finest silk thread.

The unit carrying the Conqueror's Tapestry gains +1 Combat Resolution Bonus for the remainder of the game for every enemy unit destroyed in close combat or through pursuit.

Twilight Banner(Magic Standard)25 points

Woven from spider silk and embroidered with the hair of nymphs and virgins, this banner can only be seen by night. Its protectors can blend into the ether for a few moments, passing through obstacles like ghostly shadows.

One use only. The Twilight Banner can be used at the start of any of your Movement phases. For the remainder of the Movement phase, the unit gains the Ethereal special rule.

Valorous Standard(Magic Standard)25 points

Knights who ride under this banner are filled with thoughts of glory, and will sing lustily and cry for the sheer joy of battle even when outnumbered a hundred to one.

A unit carrying the Valorous Standard rolls 3D6 for all Leadership tests and discards the highest result.

Banner of Chalons(Magic Standard)10 points

This magnificent banner is kept furled until the last instant before a charge. When unfettered in all its glory, foes become awestruck and are unable to tear their eyes from it.

Enemy units cannot choose Stand & Shoot as a charge reaction against the unit carrying the Banner of Chalons.

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